Monday, February 05, 2007

The Big 1st B-Day!!!

Since little Laughfer's Birthday falls on Wednesday, we decided at the very last minute to do a little (very little) Birthday party this weekend. We had planned on having a joint b-day celebration with little Juden over at the Green's, but Joshers was sicky sick and poor Lindy is just so about to go into labor that we changed the plans last minute.

But I have to say I think it came together just fine. We had a really great time and little Lavender was really really exuberant about it all.

I decorated with a dog theme, since our girl just can't seem to get enough of dogs right now. And I have to say I didn't think she would really get that into it all, but I thought she was about to explode with excitement several times. She would start rocking and saying "DAWG DAWG DAWG!" So Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made her a dog cake all her own to destroy (mission accomplished), little dog & dog bone cookies, and another dog cake for the rest of us. She was so giggly and excited and all that hard work was just soo worth it.

We love this wonderful little girl the Lord had blessed us with... She suprises me everyday with her joyful heart and her sense of adventure. I am ever so happy to be her mommy and to see the new things she's doing and the unique little person she is becoming.

Oh... thanks for all the lovely presents guys... so nice!!! Lavender is fiercely playing with all the dogs she received!!! And she really likes to look at all the cards that came with her presents... What a funny one!

Here are some pics of the event... the cake, the messy kid, the labors of love.