Sunday, December 31, 2006

A New Year

It's New Years Eve and Joshers and I have spent it watching this way cool flick. If you cats haven't checked it out yet, you gotta get it! I love a film that celebrates the abnormalities and dysfunction of adolescence and family life.

Watching this flick gently stirred the still pot of my memories. I found myself reliving awkward coming of age moments that have been safely stored away in the archives of Green family history... such as the impressive Green sibling catwalk debut at an Eastgate mall fashion show... or the calculated Green family departure of an overpriced Walt Disney restaurant orchestrated by Artsy after they had already seated us and distributed the hot towels (I can still hear him say "On the count of three everybody!")

I guess we all have those moments - It's funny how these memories get funny after the fact, right?!

Yes, I am apparently blogging into the New Year... it is a new year indeed!
Happy 2007!

christmas up north!!!

Did I mention that we had a blast up north??? Yes, yes... Christmas was truly a very merry and fun filled occasion for this lil' fam.

Josh's mom, Ginny and her husband, Kurt, made our Christmas so special by opening up their home not only to us but also to the Kriby's. Let's just say that our holiday was decked with lots of lovelies to spend it with!!!
It was nice to be able to spend time with Ginny & Kurt on their own turf and get an idea of their everyday lives, since they are always coming down to see us kids.

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of experiencing it, Ginny's cooking is divine and I can't fully communicate how nice it was to have someone create such masterpieces for all of us day after day. I forgot where I was and a very big part of me just didn't want to leave. How nice it is to be pampered. smile!

To make things even betta, we got to hang with Cannon, Leah and the girls! What glorious chaos it is to have 3 little girls rambling around all over the place... playing, smiling, drooling, taking things, giggling, pulling hair, throwing food, crawling all over, climbing stairs (yes, i said climbing stairs... a new one for Lavender!) and all sorts of other spontaneous merry making!!! It was nice to see them all playing together and keeping us guessing. Kids are cool!

We also got to hang out with Matt, Jerah, Erin and Becky... and Lavender got to meet her match (he he), sweet little Perrin. I think these two kids are in a secret competition to see whose head is big enough to make it into the Guiness book of world records... just kiddin.... they really were cute together though... rambling around and staring at each other. So cute!!!

Can't get enough time with those New Yorkers!!! We went to the Philly Art Museum and that was super funski!!! Lavender got a Van Gogh action figure with an interchangable head (one head is normal and the other has a bandage over the ear) - funny.

I will post more on these things lata... see ya'll cats.

Hey becky.... If you're reading this... I had a really good time catching up with you! So glad to be able to spend a little time with you... give Devon my best!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas wit da Greens

So we're back from enjoying a very merry christmas up north with Josh's momsy, kurt and the kirby crew. We had ever so much fun that I will blog on about when I get around to posting the Philly pics...
but this a long overdue posting all about the Greens... our 1st or 2nd christmas celebration while we were still in town.
I love having so much family around to share all the celebrating at holiday times.
We ended up having 3 christmas's total... one with David & Bonnie (Josh's Dad & his wife).... one with my fam... and yet another with Ginny & Kurt (Josh's mom & her husband) and the Kirbys.... so there were LOTS of peoples to rejoice with during the holidays for us!!!!
These are some snaps from Green christmas that I like a lot. I couldn't post all of the pics I like, so you cats will have to wait for more pics from this here holiday... I promise both Joshs were indeed present!

I could say many many things about the ins and outs of Green Christmas...
Here are just a few of the things that cross my mind... the wonderful cooking of Mimi... the frosty cheeked little ones playing on the Chicky town playground... the seemingly senseless string of Green family inside jokes that reach back decades... and the sounds of laughter echoing through a formerly empty southern house.

These "small recollections" are what seem to drift to the surface of a mind that is clouded with many sugary glazed holiday celebrations.... Perhaps these small echoes are the things I will probably remember when I'm 80.... and my heart is filled with thanks.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Grreat new flick

Yes, Yes, I know... snazzy movie poster here, right...
I just wanted to give a little shout out to this great little film we watched the other night.
I was pleasantly suprised and delighted to discover that this strangely titled piece was not only extremely well shot, edited and composed, but also that the characters were wonderfully unique and the acting talent really worked its magic on a truly distinctive story.

For all you artists and creative people out there, you will greatly appreciate a film that focuses on excellence in craftsmanship and the creative process. Even though this film is about the development of manufacturing shoes and not "high art" I find it to be relevant to all creative people, whether they might be making candles or oil paintings.

I just really appreciated observing a person working their way through the creative process and trying to navigate their way around the delicate balance of form and function.

I feel like most of the time movies always show the artist as a flake and the artistic process as this highly dramatic and emotional upheaval, when most of the time my experience is quite the contrary... I find that most of my artist pals are quite pragmatic about themselves and their work, knowing what they want and searching until they find it... I think perhaps the artistic process is more about trial and error and trying things on until you find the perfect fit than about a dark and tortured soul.

Well now, I didn't mean for this post to be quite the rambly soap boxing it has become, but oh well, sometimes you suprise yourself by how many thoughts you have creeping around in there.

Friday, December 15, 2006


I love Christmas time... I love hearing all the Christmas music everywhere you go and all those wonderful holiday smells... like the smell of evergreen clippings... fur scented candles... coffee... scotch tape and wrapping paper. I love all those Christmas rituals like baking cookies and wrapping present after present... and my favorite - watching those you love open those beautiful packages after all the waiting waiting and anticipating! I just love it all!!!

Here are the Kring Christmas cards I've been working away on. I made two different kinds... one in a rectangular format and one in a square. I don't know which I like better, but nevertheless here they are!

I am not finished sending all of them yet, so don't get sad if you don't find one in your mailbox!!
And for those of you who have moved recently... I need those addresses, kids!

These pics turned out kinda dark, so use your photoshop imaginations, guys!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

3 Year Anniversary time

Each year our anniversary comes so close to Christmas that it makes for a bit of sweet chaos. Here is the evidence of such sweetness!

This first pic is of Josh's anniversary gift to me... you may say these boots look like wicked witch o the west boots, but really they were just the prop at the end of a delightful scavenger hunt.
Josh wrapped up this delightful little riddle in a pretty jewerly box... that led to another note, with another riddle and another spot with a great suprise....Money for a pair of lovely boots (the boots in the pic just symbolized the real gift)... lovely leather boots... of my own choosing... yay... I have to say I have been whining for MONTHS and MONTHS about wanting a pair. It was my hearts desire and now I can go and pick out the perfect pair that fit my toesies and taste just right!

I love how Josh just knows me thru and thru... what I like, what I don't... What is fun to me and what bores me to tears. I love him so. And he suprises me everyday. Thanks to the sweetest man in the world... you are treasured!

And here is a little pic of one of Josher's anniversary presents from me... (his big present is on its way from an artist in Austin... more on that lata).
Anyways... I know this pic just looks like jars, but for months and months I have been memory gathering. I write down little tiny moments when Josh does something kind... or funny... cute... generous ... . . . or ummm... sexy... and then I roll them up and hide them away in these little memory jars, so Josh can read them and remember them too.
I love reveling around in remembering or at least acknowledging so many of these seeming everyday simple acts that when you really look at them, you can see a person's soul.

I wrote a little diddy inspired by my sweet...

I love Josh Kring.
He rings my thing.
It makes me want to sing.
He already gave me some bling.,
so now I call him my king.

Peace out.

Monday, December 04, 2006

fruits o tha spirit tree

so i got kinda bummed about traditional christmas this year... i just did not want to see 1 santa in my house, ya know... so....
i thought why not hang scripture on my tree, since that's what i say i believe and all.
and what better things to think on than the fruits of the spirit? its strange how just seeing those words everyday changes little things you do or say. i like this way

and i like these pics of how it all turned out.
i think these pics are the best i've taken in a while. i hope you enjoy them too!