Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas wit da Greens

So we're back from enjoying a very merry christmas up north with Josh's momsy, kurt and the kirby crew. We had ever so much fun that I will blog on about when I get around to posting the Philly pics...
but this a long overdue posting all about the Greens... our 1st or 2nd christmas celebration while we were still in town.
I love having so much family around to share all the celebrating at holiday times.
We ended up having 3 christmas's total... one with David & Bonnie (Josh's Dad & his wife).... one with my fam... and yet another with Ginny & Kurt (Josh's mom & her husband) and the Kirbys.... so there were LOTS of peoples to rejoice with during the holidays for us!!!!
These are some snaps from Green christmas that I like a lot. I couldn't post all of the pics I like, so you cats will have to wait for more pics from this here holiday... I promise both Joshs were indeed present!

I could say many many things about the ins and outs of Green Christmas...
Here are just a few of the things that cross my mind... the wonderful cooking of Mimi... the frosty cheeked little ones playing on the Chicky town playground... the seemingly senseless string of Green family inside jokes that reach back decades... and the sounds of laughter echoing through a formerly empty southern house.

These "small recollections" are what seem to drift to the surface of a mind that is clouded with many sugary glazed holiday celebrations.... Perhaps these small echoes are the things I will probably remember when I'm 80.... and my heart is filled with thanks.