Thursday, January 31, 2008

Faces of Autumn

My sweet tiniest girl has become quite the little cooer... is that a word? anyways, it is so nice after months of just sleeping and being to finally see a little glimpse of her personality. I must say I am so addicted to her little smile... but, you gotta be fast to catch it... it comes and goes as quickly as a breeze. Here we are trying to catch it and memorex it forever.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tumbleweeds travel thru Etsy

so I finally got around to making a little banner for my etsy shop. I think it turned out really fun.

Now if I could just get my act together enuff to post some new works.... yep, it's empty right now... so sad... but not for long!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Emerging from "the Purge"

Yep, yep... the time has finally come... I have completed my studio purge. I know it may seem silly to write so much about throwing out excesses and organizing the leftovers.
But for me, this process is crucial. I always seem to reach this point of immobility where I can no longer move forward till the past projects and "shoulds" are disposed of. I wonder if anyone else has this building and purging addiction...

however meaningless this all seems, it does actually have a real effect in my little world... it has led me to search for the "perfect system" ... a way to put my studio and countless materials together so that I can find them all when I need them. I think this is especially difficult for artists who work with collage... there is just so much neato stuff lying around. Little Laughfer thinks this little cubby of creativity is the funnest place in the whole house... this is her getting upset with me for not letting her touch my squishy Blue Skies garland (thanks again, Cat.... i know it was supposed to be for the girls, but i just couldn't give it up!) for the thousandth time.

Hopefully the new "system" will hold up longer than a week!!! HA

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my eighties model

yep yep... we have rediscovered the good ol' eighties up in here!!

There is something about these pics of Laughfer that give a little glimpse of the upcoming Lavender... the Lavender as a young girl.
When I look at these I can see her primping in the mirror several years down the road - Let's just hope that glimpse is not of her getting ready for a date - gulp!

Anyways... just thought these were too cute to resist!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ode to my Sweet

I just wanted to say out loud how much I love my Josh and how much I enjoy him and appreciate all he does.

There is no one more fun to be with and no one easier to love.

i am a lucky girl!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Purge

why is it so hard to give up certain things??

for me, this difficulty lies in the relinquishing of any sort of art supply... or really anything that speaks to me about its potential to be molded into something more. However optimistic this approach can be, it always leads to overwhelming piles of strange things cluttering up my studio.

And then, these things that once seemed so promising morph into some new kind of burden... a "should"... i find myself looking over these piles and thinking I really should do.... blah blah blah... and I guess if I actually did something at that point, then there would be no need for mass exodus of the studio that seems to happen repeatedly. Which is where I find myself now... in mid purge.

The nice thing about this endless process is that at the end of a long line of garbage bags I always find a nice, fresh vigor for new works....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

check this out

i heard this rocking band on current tv the other night... so wicked cool! they have been a nice breeze in a dry musical desert.

when you play this disregard the duffus at the beginning... he's only on there for a sec or two. and also... this video is of the two band members karokeing (sp????) to their own music video... funny...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter Baby

What is it about having a tiny new little baby in the winter that creates in me in this constant incredible desire to find the warmest, quietest place and cozy up with my little Autumn and listen to her every tiny coo and drink in every detail of her small little self???
The few moments that I get to spend such concentrated time with my new little daughter like this is never as frequent as I would like, but it has this rare guiltless quality about it that is more attractive than anything I have known in a while. I mean, how could I even begin to choose tackling the overflowing pile of laundry flooding my house over these moments that seem to be fleeting away into memories as soon as they are made??? Perhaps this is how one responds to a unique kind of wholesomeness that only a new life could bring....

All I really know is that there is simply no better way to spend a cold winters day than forgetting the world with my little Autumn girl.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

laughfer's new favorite thing

Yep, yep...laughfer's new favorite thang ta do is to hold her little sis. Now the days are peppered with cries of "Hold auuudummm tooooooooooo!!" --- it really is so sweet, yet ya gotta watch out for "fierce hugging" or the contrary, "floppy arm syndrome" --- at least we know that Autumn is destined to grow into an extremely tolerant girl!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

once Bitten...

twice shy??? - no no, not that song!

I am talking about Bitten... Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line at Steve & Barry's.... such lovely stuff and soo incredibly affordable.
For those of you cats who haven't yet checked out the new Steve and Barry's out on Lee Hwy, you gotsta go! I picked up this neato new tee and headband for under 20 bucks.
In fact, they are closing out their winter apparel and everything - i mean everything - in the store is only $8.95... only 8.95... even running shoes and leather jackets... hmmm

i feel like such a consumption queen blathering away... but hey, I never buy much. It seems like every time I end up shopping all i see around me seems so frivolous and too expensive. So, when a good deal comes around I jump at it. Hence, my love for ye Steve and Barry's...

Check it out, kids!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

many sides of Laughfer

Why is it that sometimes your kids seem soo inconsolable and yet at other times it only takes a flashlight and a dark room???

here we are after many a rounds of "rosies" (i.e. ring around the rosie!)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Green Holiday Bliss

Here are some sweet little pics from Green fam Christmas... i only posted the nicer ones of the giiiagantor lot that we took that day. (ya know I love the digital pic revolution and all, but what ever will we do with the ten bazillion photos that it yields? --- Does anyone really do photo albums anymore??)

Anyways, I think it is soo cool to be able to catch a little glimpse of wonder on the kiddies faces in these pics (and also to be able to glimpse a little bit of my momma's sweet heart - look how excited she is to watch the kids with their presents!).
Christmas is one of those wierd times where you see so much joy and wonder.... but you also see you kid melting down over a little plastic pony that is bound to a piece of cardboard with ten thousand little twist ties.... aah!

I must share with you the sweetest moment of the day though... Mister Juden was delving into his brand spankin' new pirate ship ensemble, but took a moment to tell Lindy that "He was the luckiest boy" since he got such a cool present. Such a sweet one!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas with our little Fam

Yep , yep... it seems to be a bit hard to get back into the swing o things after all the holidays and celebrations. Somehow i can't really seem to get back on track.... what it is about the beginning of the year that does this?? I always think that as soon as the rays of light break on Jan. 1st, I will magically recieve this burst of big, awe inspiring energy that enables me to start new projects and routines that tie up all the loose ends that always seem to be left hanging at the end of my very full days.... hmmm.
This never seems to become a reality in my world... perhaps I just think that these radical changes happen to people at the beginning of the New Year b/c all you hear filtering thru your news, radio, etc. is talk of change and resolution. These messages seem to seep into my head and create unstoppable reflections and nostalgia for the past years joys, but also this desire to change it all. Perhaps it is merely a desire for redemption that could never be found at the end of my own resolve.

I don't mean to blather on about my own failures and shortcomings, but hey, I know they are murking around in us all, and come on, how helpful are we to one another without uttering some acknowledgement of them.

on another note... here are some pics from our little family Christmas morning. I will post some more of fun times with ye ol' extended families lata.... Bye now, cats!