Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Purge

why is it so hard to give up certain things??

for me, this difficulty lies in the relinquishing of any sort of art supply... or really anything that speaks to me about its potential to be molded into something more. However optimistic this approach can be, it always leads to overwhelming piles of strange things cluttering up my studio.

And then, these things that once seemed so promising morph into some new kind of burden... a "should"... i find myself looking over these piles and thinking I really should do.... blah blah blah... and I guess if I actually did something at that point, then there would be no need for mass exodus of the studio that seems to happen repeatedly. Which is where I find myself now... in mid purge.

The nice thing about this endless process is that at the end of a long line of garbage bags I always find a nice, fresh vigor for new works....