Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter Baby

What is it about having a tiny new little baby in the winter that creates in me in this constant incredible desire to find the warmest, quietest place and cozy up with my little Autumn and listen to her every tiny coo and drink in every detail of her small little self???
The few moments that I get to spend such concentrated time with my new little daughter like this is never as frequent as I would like, but it has this rare guiltless quality about it that is more attractive than anything I have known in a while. I mean, how could I even begin to choose tackling the overflowing pile of laundry flooding my house over these moments that seem to be fleeting away into memories as soon as they are made??? Perhaps this is how one responds to a unique kind of wholesomeness that only a new life could bring....

All I really know is that there is simply no better way to spend a cold winters day than forgetting the world with my little Autumn girl.