Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Green Holiday Bliss

Here are some sweet little pics from Green fam Christmas... i only posted the nicer ones of the giiiagantor lot that we took that day. (ya know I love the digital pic revolution and all, but what ever will we do with the ten bazillion photos that it yields? --- Does anyone really do photo albums anymore??)

Anyways, I think it is soo cool to be able to catch a little glimpse of wonder on the kiddies faces in these pics (and also to be able to glimpse a little bit of my momma's sweet heart - look how excited she is to watch the kids with their presents!).
Christmas is one of those wierd times where you see so much joy and wonder.... but you also see you kid melting down over a little plastic pony that is bound to a piece of cardboard with ten thousand little twist ties.... aah!

I must share with you the sweetest moment of the day though... Mister Juden was delving into his brand spankin' new pirate ship ensemble, but took a moment to tell Lindy that "He was the luckiest boy" since he got such a cool present. Such a sweet one!