Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas with our little Fam

Yep , yep... it seems to be a bit hard to get back into the swing o things after all the holidays and celebrations. Somehow i can't really seem to get back on track.... what it is about the beginning of the year that does this?? I always think that as soon as the rays of light break on Jan. 1st, I will magically recieve this burst of big, awe inspiring energy that enables me to start new projects and routines that tie up all the loose ends that always seem to be left hanging at the end of my very full days.... hmmm.
This never seems to become a reality in my world... perhaps I just think that these radical changes happen to people at the beginning of the New Year b/c all you hear filtering thru your news, radio, etc. is talk of change and resolution. These messages seem to seep into my head and create unstoppable reflections and nostalgia for the past years joys, but also this desire to change it all. Perhaps it is merely a desire for redemption that could never be found at the end of my own resolve.

I don't mean to blather on about my own failures and shortcomings, but hey, I know they are murking around in us all, and come on, how helpful are we to one another without uttering some acknowledgement of them.

on another note... here are some pics from our little family Christmas morning. I will post some more of fun times with ye ol' extended families lata.... Bye now, cats!