Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Brown Eyed Girls

i love love love these pics... what a very happy baby and very grumpy 2 year old I had today!
I am amazed at just how much Autumn is coming into her little self! She is just wanting to move all about and laugh and play play play.

Today she learned how to wave. I know! - so nuts to see this little itty bitty person waving and communicating after so long with nothing but squeaks, squeals and motor boat sounds!

I am a proud little mamma!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Butta fly

today I shared a moment with a butterfly.

it was all misty from the rain and a gentle warm thickness seemed to be hanging in the air as I got into my little ol' car in the back woods of Flintystone. And much to my surprise, this little fella just perched his little self on my window.

I peered at him through the rain speckled glass
He seemed to look back at me with his big glassy buggie eyes
and adjusted his beautiful wings...

I wondered if he was reading me like the terminator or if he was just as curious as I was... perhaps he was playing a little chicken with me...

he clung to the window for a good 5 houses....
but I think I won...

maybe he is flitting around some other flintystone homes right now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

We're off to see the Aquarium

we checked out the ol' Aquarium today (thank you, Mimi!!) and had such a lovely cha chilled out kinda day. If any of you cats have ever hit the Aquarium on a day that when ol' Chatty vegas is over run with tourists or school groups then you will know what a battle such a venture can be.
Today was lovely... drizzly, misty and somehow humid and cool at the same time. If any one out there saw the mountain this morning, I'm sure you fell in love with our little town all over again.... so beautiful!
On the way there I had a funny little car conversation with Lavender. It went like this:
Me: Hey, Laughfer... do you know where we're going?
L: Where?
Me: To the Aquarium!!!
L: ------
Me: Do you remember the Aquarium?
L: Who's there?
Me: FISHES! Lots and lots of fishes.... and turtles, and penguins, and butterflies and big fishes and little tiny fishes, and fishes that swim fast and fishes that swim really really slow!
L: All kinds of that stuff!!
Me: Yep
L: And cows?
Me: Huh?
L: Cows and itty, bitty, little, duckies!
Me: I don't know about the cows.
L: And BIG duckies too!
Me: Yes, big ducks too.
----- We go over through a bumpy constructiony part o town ----
L: It's hard to go...
Me: What?
L: It's hard to go
Me: Go where?
L: To the AQUARIUM, mom!


Anyways... some how we made it to the Aquarium with vertually no one there. We were 6 people out of a total of 20 or so! Very sweet to have such a luxurious stroll through all the exhibits.
And yes, you should thank me that I did not post all the jelly fish pictures I took. I am in love with these glorious suckers.... that is unless I were actually swimming with them. They are really overwhelmingly pretty to watch.

Olympic withdrawals

so alas, the sweet sweet 2008 Olympics have come to a close and I guess we must say goodbye. It is not with some quiet reluctance that I push the power button on my remote.
I have enjoyed every little morsel of these games. Every evening I would find myself looking forward to pressing a button and suddenly being present in a world where overwhelming achievements are the norm and incredible feats of strength and stamina are on display at every turn.

I know, I know... it sounds obsessive, right? well, I just might be a little Olympic crazy, but I gotta say... there is no other place where you can absorb not only the collision of a plethora of cultures, but also witness the making of world records and the display of human emotion in such a raw form. I mean, there it is... ultimate joy, satisfaction, despair and disappointment right there on the faces of people who have sacrificed so much for their goals.

Yep, I just love the Olympics...
and I'm sure that tonight when I walk toward my remote at 8 pm I will find a bit o quiet disappointment as I re-realize that there is just no longer a good reason to push that button.

but also...
there is so much good sleep to be had (that I have been missin) and a very happy husband who I'm sure will be ever so pleased not to have to move my drawing boards from in front of the tv or be serenaded with the shouts from the living room.

--- 2012, you got some big beijing shoes to fill --- adios

Friday, August 22, 2008

Miroslav Tichy

yo, cats... I found this guy, Miroslav Tichy, on gizmodo... just look at what gothically beautiful photos are coming from this hodge podgy camera made of trash!

Here is a little excerpt from the article.

it's Miroslav Tichy, posing with one of his amazing trash cams, which he fabricated from paper towel tubes, thread spools, rubber bands and other bits of detritus and has used since the 1950s. Now in his 80s, Tichy and his works have only recently (as far as the art world goes) been discovered. And like all good photographers, he trained his intentionally imperfect camera rigs on the considerably more refined female form.

Here's a link to the article on Gizmodo... enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Currently creating...

Here are a few little hints about what my hands have been up to...
lovely maps and many references to BlueClara's lovely silhouettes on etsy.

I'll post the final product lata.... smooches, kiddos!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my smart little snooka

Fair warning: this is a proud mamma post...
yep, yep... our little Autumn Marie is using her first baby sign!

She has conquered the baby sign for more and is using it like a pro!

I guess I just can't believe she is getting it so early on. and that she caught onto the whole idea so supa dupa quick!

We taught her big sis all sorts of sign language and were very pleased with how much easier it made life with a little non verbal person... I just can't believe how quickly Autumn has picked it up. and for those cats out there that say "i don't really get into that... seems a bit strange".... well, i thought so too until we gave a whirl and had amazing results... fewer tantrums, better understanding and quicker verbal skills... blahblah blah

ya know, I think the pride thing that wells up in you about your kids is kinda funny... it seems a little unreasonable when you really take a moment to think about it. Here we are so happy about something that we really had nothing to do with... and yet that doesn't seem to deminish the sentiment. so weird...
nevertheless, I am so proud of my Autumn Marie... what a smart little snooka you are!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Christening

Today was Autumn Marie's Christening...
Such a beautiful celebration of the covenant.

And this day full of wonderful significance equals one tired baby.

Oh yeah... Lavender said "I want some water too!" in the midst of the dedication... so funny!

Friday, August 15, 2008

kickin it

hey kids... here are a few pics from today that didn't make it onto ye ol' 31photos.

If you cats haven't checked out our little project you should take a peek...

I'm out to kick it with some good ol' Blue Moon!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

the roller overer

My sweet Autumn Marie is coming into her own little person...
She is growing so big and moving into that toddler creepy crawling stage so quickly.

Keeping her stimulated enough during the day is becoming quite a challenge, but at least her big sis is always eager to help out.

The only thing we really gotta watch out for is all that little itty bitty polly pocket gear that covers the floor. She just wants to grab, grab, grab and touch and mouth all over everything. So, if you're around, watch out for those little hands... they might get ya or they might have 5 tiny polly shoes or something hidden inside!

Oh and one more thing...
Autumn is officially a roller overer... and yes, that is a word!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer nights

There is just something so effortlessly wonderful about summer nights with the songs of crickets and secadas floating through that golden light that only happens at dawn and dusk... intoxicating!
I took these pics tonight in the midst of swinging, ball chasing and frisbee throwing...
Too cute not to share...

Did I mention...
I just love love love this girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lovely Swatch town

check out these lovely, oh so lovely paper swatches!!!
These little beauties are on their way to a super cool new home... my studio!!!

I am itchin' to get my little hands on these guys... and ya know what...

they are all for me!
I am actually making some little somethings for my wall. yep... my wall... mine, mine, mine...
hee hee.

I was in this strange creative space that would not allow me to fully complete a work until I got these works (which have been rompin' around my head for about 4 months now) out of my system.

This strange little urgent desire to work on one specific project has only really happened to me one other time... wonder why...

Monday, August 11, 2008

the unattended 2 year old

so this is what happens when a little Laughfer is left to her own demise...

markers and unattended 2 year olds don't mix.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

the Olympics

yo... i hope you cats were able to catch at least some of the Opening Ceremonies from the Olympics.

May I just say WOW... and WOW!

I just love love love the Olympics... doesn't matter whether it's Summer or Winter... I just love the Olympics. There is something about the sheer magnitude of it all... the grandeur and the uniting of so many people groups. I find myself thinking about nations that I probably would not take even a moments notice of all year except for the fleeting camera pan that lets you know that they are present at such a global event. I think about what a typical day must be like there and try to imagine what they are thinking walking into such an alternate, unreal experience.

I love to feast my eyes on the crazy opening ceremony performances and the wonderful costume and artistry of it all.

I love to see what kind of get up the athletes have to wear in their walk o glory... and i like to think about all these diplomats in suits sitting in a board room tossing ideas back and forth like "I think this time around they should all wear bowling hats... no, no... berets!!"

There are many odd things that cross this mind when watching such a phenomenon.

Hope you can catch the Olympic bug too!!!

these pics came from the Boston Globe on a site called The Big Picture - you should check out the whole set if ya can... so cool!