Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Draw the people, mamma!

so you're probably looking at this first pic thinking "what a sad (maybe mean even?) little face the Laughfer is wearing... I can't help but love this pic... she soo did not want her picture taken. (It is just like a mom to do it anyway right?)
I think I like it so much because it just is the face of having a hard day, ya know. and because i feel like it is a picture of heat... that kind of inescapable late summer heat that just sticks.
It really has been so very sticky and hot the past few days... ergh. We have been making it through with sprinklers and sidewalk chalk and all sorts of other distractions.
Little Lavender got to take in a pretty cool distraction yesterday... I enrolled her in a Play Gym class at the ol' CDM. And I have to say that it was incredibly fun, for both her and I. Her best little friend, Matthew, is in the class and they just have sooo much fun bouncing on balls, chasing bubbles and singing songs and so much more. I will come right out and admit that the first time I took Lavender to the free trial class they offer I had one of those "oh my
little girl loves this sooo much! sniff sniff" times... you know, those times when you can actually see them learning and more excited than you ever would have imagined they could be.
And then there is that inevitable (for me, anyways) feeling that I should have been making more of an effort to provide her with stimulating, participatory type learning activities. (erhhh - why do moms always do that guilt trip thing to ourselves??)
So all that to say, I don't know how long we will be able to afford play gym, but we are taking full & joyous advantage of the time we have there.

And if any of you cats out there are interested... the CDM offers one free trial class to anyone who is interested (I think they go from 4months to 3yrs olds). But, I will warn you that it requires parental participation, so you would have to have some one watch your other kiddos (if you have em)... anyways... always more info about class times and descriptions on their webby site, you know the drill.

oh and one last thing... this last little city scape is soo funny to me b/c Laughfer insisted on me drawing the little people to the left o the buildings. I know, I know... you're thinking "how cute! Their little family!" - nope! that is (form left to right) Autumn being pushed in the stroller by Cat and Mary holding Lavenders hand!!!! Yep, no family wholesomeness here.... it is a outting just for the girls!!!