Saturday, August 09, 2008

the Olympics

yo... i hope you cats were able to catch at least some of the Opening Ceremonies from the Olympics.

May I just say WOW... and WOW!

I just love love love the Olympics... doesn't matter whether it's Summer or Winter... I just love the Olympics. There is something about the sheer magnitude of it all... the grandeur and the uniting of so many people groups. I find myself thinking about nations that I probably would not take even a moments notice of all year except for the fleeting camera pan that lets you know that they are present at such a global event. I think about what a typical day must be like there and try to imagine what they are thinking walking into such an alternate, unreal experience.

I love to feast my eyes on the crazy opening ceremony performances and the wonderful costume and artistry of it all.

I love to see what kind of get up the athletes have to wear in their walk o glory... and i like to think about all these diplomats in suits sitting in a board room tossing ideas back and forth like "I think this time around they should all wear bowling hats... no, no... berets!!"

There are many odd things that cross this mind when watching such a phenomenon.

Hope you can catch the Olympic bug too!!!

these pics came from the Boston Globe on a site called The Big Picture - you should check out the whole set if ya can... so cool!