Sunday, September 24, 2006

Acorn Days

Alas, Alas... here I am again! Sorry for the delay in posts... getting ready for an art fest is sooo much workis!

Anyway, here are some of the cutest pics of this year's Acorn Day festivities complements of Susie-Q (also known as my sweet mom). For those of you who are not in the Chattavegas area... Acorn Day (instituted by me moms) is a day where everyone big and small gets together and takes a little time to ponder what their thankful for and to look for the small little miracles that happen everyday... like the way an tiny little acorn makes it way into a big, beautiful oak tree. We also go on a nature walk, have a little crafty time and listen to a special story. So fun!

These pics will open a little window into the festivities...

First, This beautiful girl is our sweet Lou... who paused for just one moment when I called her name!

Second, is sweet Juden showing off an Acorn of his own. What a treasure!

And last but certainly not least, is Ella...STANDING!!! Way to girl... so proud!!! Too bad you can't hear all the cheering that ensued after such a feat!

I have to say these past few days have made me fall in love with Fall all over again. smile.

More words lata, kids! miss yous guys... smile

Thursday, September 14, 2006

ART news

Good news on the artistic front here!!! You guys will be able to check out my work, if the need pulls you, at the One Bridge Folk Art Festival or perhaps at the Legacy Fine Arts Fest (Legacy is in Cartersville, though).

I will have a booth/tent set up at One Bridge (txs, kate!) which is large enuff to feature a large selection of works... so come check it out, kids! The fest is produced by Winder Binder Gallery on Frazier Ave. next to New Moon Gallery. All of the artists are going to be showing work in the little parking lot next to the Gallery right on Frazier.

October 30th from 10am to 6pm - save the date, kids... Can't beat free entertainment, right?
More words lata... so busy gettin everything all ready for these events

Monday, September 11, 2006

Gansta girl

A little Chickamauga gansta girl! Word up eh eh eh... yeah, she actually just has a onesie on her head. he he - that is about as gansta as it gets out here in the sticks. smile - cute though...

in other news...
Cat, Kate, Joel and I went tromping around downtown this weekend visiting most of the galleries featured in the Chattanooga Gallery Hop event. It was so fun to see so much art all at once and so nice to be a kid free for a few hours in the city!!! Speaking of our little city... I am just more and more impressed with it all the time! So nice to see so many working artists involved in the community and so much activity taking place... She made me proud! So happy to be living and working here.

Friday, September 08, 2006

My Sweets

My 2 most favoritest peoples in the whole wide world!!! So cute, aren't they?? I think little Lavender looks so much like Joshers here!

So sweet!
So cute!
Gush gush gush

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sweet little shoes

These are the cutest little feet ever, eh!!! Lavender wore these little shoes on our outing today. We went wondering about the city today and enjoyed the absolutely perfect weather. We stopped by the Tanner Hill Gallery, Rembrandts, Blue Skies and AVA... so fun to have an arty day with Lavender and Mimi (aka my mom)!!! If you guys haven't been by Tanner Hill you should definately check it out... I was very pleased with both Terry Turrell and Frank Shelton's works... very layered and symbolic... great colors! And the gallery space is so nice. It's in the Southern Saddlery Building on Broad... amazing how they have transformed that space.

Disclaimer: Lavender chose to stand in the lovely pose above... no forcing or setting up here. Yes, I'm afraid we might have a model on our hands here... or dare I say... diva??? ooooh

Tumbleweeds & Babies

Here are some tidbits I have been workin on. The little softies to the left are my Tumbleweeds... cute little stuffed guys for wee peoples. I am trying to make a whole lot of them in order to sell them this holiday season. The same goes for the babies you see strewn across my table. I can't get enough of making little baby collages. They just turn out so charming every time. They are like new shiny little pennies to me! Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Exstravaganza

Here are some pics from our Labor Day festivities at the pool. So nice to be with everyone and enjoy the last few days of summer together! As you can see, it takes sooo much to entertain us... a few pastic cups, some water and presto.... fun is born! I love that simplicity.

It seems like it is that time again... the sun has begun to take a little longer to get up in the morning and the pool is not quite as warm as it once was... the changing of the season is here guys! More and more these past couple o days, it has become apparent to me just how much the turning of a season really marks the passing of time. I love thinking about what has been and what will be...

This year, beyond all others, has really left its imprint on me. I love these in between times.

Friday, September 01, 2006

For my Jana

I am posting this cool clip in honor of my sweet friend, Jana... as she is experiencing the joys of such things as well!!! The new addition of baby #2 coming soon... smile!!! congrats!!!!

Here is a short description of the video from its sender:
I took a series of photos every other day as my wife was pregnant with our first child. Watch the belly expanding fun!