Friday, June 26, 2009

Regina Regina

So there was just no way that I could refrain from posting about Regina Spektor's new album, 'Far'. We have been listening to Regina for some time up in here, but I gotta say, I didn't expect this album to sweep me right off my feet like it has. It is an album filled with tenderness, delight, tragedy and heartbreak. So many of the tunes of this album are delivered in a playfully upbeat songs that weave a magical web right around you. However, there is this extraordinarily great thing about Regina... she wins you immediately with her powerfully rich, coffee like voice and cheerful sound... and then slowly you realize the shadowy, weighted lyrics underneath. And these lyrics seem to say some things you have felt or thought or sensed before, but could never quite put into the right words. It is a lovely little package that steals your heart away.

Perhaps, this captivating hypnosis that Regina can cast over her listeners is some kind of vampy dark magic that comes from the heart of Moscow (her home till the age of 9) or maybe it is just the result of hearing a true artist amongst so much of the clamour of an music industry inundated with "talent" that more the result of crafty studio execs and pr managers.... I don't know, but I do know that she charmed me completely as I listened to her lovely interview on NPR the other day, and I think that is what sent me over the moon for her. She seems to have this playfully friendly magic that springs out of her that is irresistible. That kind of super fan doesn't come out of me too terribly often. So I find myself thinking of the early Bjork era (before the days of Matthew Barry or the attacking of Japanese journalists and such) where everyone simply thought of her as this lovely little Icelandic fairy fluttering to and fro and producing magical off the wall sounds that could only sweep you away to some place with lots of colors.  

And yes, Rolling Stone calls often for my album reviews.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Apple core discoveries

so the past few weeks I have found myself "doing" less and just be ing more... if that makes any sense. I think something in me somewhere was a bit lost... wondering what I am doing... if I purposeful in my days... if I am living my calling or whatever you would like to name that purpose for your life. so, when I find myself in this familiar place I tend to stop... open pages of written word... think more... produce less... and try to listen to the words of my heart and seek the guidance that does not come from places I see and touch and know everyday. I can't express all that this search is yielding just yet, but I will say that I have discovered two things yet again. First, that I am just where I am meant to be... here, at this place I now know for certain is home. And Second, that we will always be homesick for a place we have never known.

And perhaps discoveries like these hold something in common with the drawings and photographs of the remains of various produce I keep finding filling the pages of volumes and volumes of sketchbooks.

Or perhaps I just feel I have something in common with an apple core.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer days

With the onset of the hot weather, we have found ourselves outside with the hose more often than not. Last summer I scored an awesome sprinkler ball (yes, they do make a GIANT beach ball that hooks up to your hose and sprays water everywhere! Awesome!) and have just now started to break it in again... gotta say that there is nothing that draws a neighborhood full of homebound kids in the summer like a simple sprinkler. I'm so glad that it doesn't take much....
Here are a few views of our recent days... I have a wierd knack for photographing my kiddos at unlikely angles.... they will probably hate this as they get older.... but for now I get to savor all those great shots of their tiny hands, rolly polly legs and sweet little toes!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lavender uncut volume 2,403

So Lavender's new favorite thing is to lay and I do mean lay all over Chloe (our relatively new dog). Yes, Chloe seems to double as a giant pillow. And Lavender seems to have decided that Chloe is by far the best transportable reading spot. Yep, most days I find them cuddled up together while Lavender is "reading." So funny...

Yesterday we were in the car and this is what Lavender busted out on me...

L: Mom, do you need to be safe?
Me: What?
L: In the car... are you to be safe?
Me: I hope so.
L: Yeah... cause this is a BIG road.
Me: Yes, it is.... and I am being very careful
L: Because of the fast cars, huh
Me: yep
L: yeah, you gotta look out for cheese
Me: Huh?
L: and Poles
Me: sure
L: and houses and cars
Me: a huh
L: and flags too

What tha.....

New Birdies

these little tweeties flew off to comfort a good friend whose own nest is just about to make room for one more. Grace, I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet 'Green'... eh eh eh!!!