Thursday, April 30, 2009

'Just her size'

Since this crew spent our little ol' easta sunday making sick couches and tending to snotty noses, my moms and I decided we still had to put those pretty Easter dresses to good use. So, we girls went out for tea. Yep, yep... you guessed it... The English Rose was the spot for such a grand affair... this is Chatt town, where else would we go??  
Anyways... I gotta tell ya, I was a little antsy about this. I had images of tea cups and saucers flying through the air and meany pants looks from stuffy old ladies bouncing around in my head. But, I was delighted to see that all the fears I had built up in my head were fruitless. The ladies in the Rose were happy to have us and my girls just made me proud!
It was so charming to watch Lavender enjoying such finery and being such a little lady. And miss Autumn Marie was so into the little spoonfuls of hot tea we shared. And as I watched my little women soaking up all the lovely little details I re-realized that all those cute dainty things really do communicate such important messages. They say "You are such a very special treasure" and "The everyday does not always have to be so ordinary".  I think for me, in the chaos of flying toys and shouts of 'No' and 'Mine' it is just too easy to coast... to be a bit on autopilot.... to just make sure that everyone gets food and is clean (relatively). 

And when I hear Lavender tell her Daddy about the "tiny teacup that was just her size" I beam.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My 32 years

so today is my actual birthday and and I am not one to shy away from spilling the beans on my age... i am exactly 32 years old today and grateful for every moment of it. In fact I don't know why peeps are so into hiding their age... don't they know that every one of those years was not only a glorious gift, but also holds the keys to who you are and why you are... they have the power to reveal the stuff of your life... the achievements, the treasures, the heartbreaks and all the lessons learned in between.

I guess what I love the most about this day of the year coming around are the reflections that this celebration carries with it. There is always a time every birthday where you face yourself... your life... and the stuff of your days over the last year. And somehow I am always surprised surprised by the depth of my joys, how much my kids have grown and all the bittersweetness of that year.

So I guess I'm just here saying... Thank you, god... for my 32 years and for the incredible family I have to share them with.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boo Ya !!! Got em done!

so I have been basking in the tiniest rays of accomplishment for the past few days...
You know how there are just some things that are always poking at the back of your brain begging and begging you to complete them???
Well, I finally put my little hands to work on some of those guys and got em done!!! Yes!

I wanted to make something for our mantle that was whimsical, but familial... something about or relating to the people who fill this lovely little home... and I finally got it done! I gotta say that the orange is just right... perfect shade and the the vineyness really works the way I wanted too, but I will say it is a little varsityish for me... Perhaps a little bird or something will have to perch itself on that letter.

And I did promise Lavender I would show off all her lovely works of art that we put up in her new "gallery" - got some talent, eh...

and finally I just wanted to show off this lovely paper (I promise it's the last time!). I thought the big glorious blooms and insects were just too pretty not to look at them everyday.

Why is paper so very addictive??

Monday, April 20, 2009

Full, but not too full

this weekend some how hit that nice space between being full and too full... somehow we were able to get a lot done and still do so many of the things we had hoped to squeeze in without feeling to pressed. I don't know why that it such a remarkable thing to achieve, but it is.

here are some highlights:

My Josh ran 13 whopping miles!!
We (i.e. Josh) built a lovely raised garden bed
Got inspired by wonderful art
Heard a kickin' country gospel band
Listened to the thunder
Saw an old acquaintance
Got temporary tattoos
Dug up two random plants in our yard
Finally purchased that lovely lovely paper!
watched Autumn discover her shadow for the first time

I know these 'highlights' gotta seem silly to some, but for us they really were joyous little treasures. And for you cats who weren't able to make it out to 4 Bridges this year, you gotta check out these cats:
Chattanooga's own Peter Delong Vaughn... his simple compositions seem to speak volumes with their ample spaciousness and uncluttered easiness on the eyes. (and his work made the 4 Bridges coveted promotion spot too!)
Amanda Blake ( and her warm familial images that seem to throw winks to Van Gogh and Gauguin and maybe a little Basquiat too.

And the Jurors choice in awarding Aaron Hequembourg (I threw in a pic for ya) the best 2D mixed media award really did hit the mark. His portraits carry the echoes of many many lives well lived and impress upon the viewer this sense of a profoundly purposeful time so very unlike the one in which we find ourselves. I could say so much more about his work and about the whole collective of artists that we visited with and work that we took in, but
there are many things to be done and minutes upon minutes slipping away.

I hope your weekend was fruitful... always feels so affirmative to get one of those, eh...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Giddy and excited

Apple - Movie Trailers - Where the Wild Things Are

I just can't say enough how excited I am for this flick! From the looks of the trailer, it seems to really capture the magicalness of that book... I loved loved loved reading Where the Wild Things are when I was a kid... scratch that... I just like reading it... then, now... wheneva.

I am so so pleased that Dave Eggers has started a new journey into film writing... (he co-wrote this one with Spike Jonze - spell? - and is working on another flick that looks pretty cool too!) For those of ya who aren't familiar... Eggers wrote 'A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius' and many others.... love love love that guy!

Anyone wanna try and catch this flick together??? gotta wait till Fall... whatta bummer!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Detective Jen

This morning Lavender walks straight up to me in the kitchen and proudly proclaims "I love the painting with the trees where the animals live!"

It took me about a million years to figure out the great mystery... she was referring to Starry Night, which appears in a Classical Baby episode she had just watched. (in the episode they kinda hide animals in the painting.... wha what?? - Baby stuff is strange) What can I say.... the girl has good taste!

Tee hee hee.....

Monday, April 13, 2009


I know some people seem to be satisfied with merely one Easter egg hunt... but not this fam!!! We did a total of 3 hunts! Yes, 3... I know, I know... you're thinkin' "why do they love eggs that much?" right...?
Well, we ended up with so many because of sickness and the on going task of juggling multiple family schedules.
Nevertheless, I think the kiddos had a blast! I included a million pics to prove it too... eh eh. I really just think that they would be happy searching around the yard for any old thing. Yep, even a old sock would do, if you hid it well enough. The sheer glee that comes across their little faces is just so glorious and contagious too! And what a sense of pride and accomplishment they have upon pouring over their overflowing baskets! I just love watching these kids grow and discover and explore... it really is something special to be a part of a little person's world.

On another note... I have to say that it really was nice to see them all helping one another find Easter eggs and being so very kind. I couldn't believe I didn't even witness one argument over an egg... and thankfully the word 'MINE' did not rear its ugly head till later... I felt like a proud Mamma/Auntie Jen...

There are so many things to be said of this very important holiday... and they don't have anything at all to do with eggs, bunnies or chocolates, but the page is only so long and my kids are revolting at my motherly departure due to my bloggie addiction.
We out!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


We have news!! We have a new family member... and no, it is not a new baby... it is a new puppy! 
We are lucky enough to be blessed with the sweetest pup I have come across in some time. Her name is Chloe and she is a Lab/Shar-pei... Maybe we will start a new trend of Lab-pei and you will all be seeing them all over gossip magazines at the grocery store. 
So far... this is what we know... her coat is amber colored and shines like copper in the sunshine. Her eyes are green and seem to speak volumes already. She is cool and calm, but still loves to play and run outside, especially with Lavender beckoning to her at every turn. This little cutie has already snuck into our hearts and made a little home there. We are blessed to be a family of 5.
Thank you Rachel and family... you brought us such a wonderful gift... words seem to fall short again.