Monday, April 13, 2009


I know some people seem to be satisfied with merely one Easter egg hunt... but not this fam!!! We did a total of 3 hunts! Yes, 3... I know, I know... you're thinkin' "why do they love eggs that much?" right...?
Well, we ended up with so many because of sickness and the on going task of juggling multiple family schedules.
Nevertheless, I think the kiddos had a blast! I included a million pics to prove it too... eh eh. I really just think that they would be happy searching around the yard for any old thing. Yep, even a old sock would do, if you hid it well enough. The sheer glee that comes across their little faces is just so glorious and contagious too! And what a sense of pride and accomplishment they have upon pouring over their overflowing baskets! I just love watching these kids grow and discover and explore... it really is something special to be a part of a little person's world.

On another note... I have to say that it really was nice to see them all helping one another find Easter eggs and being so very kind. I couldn't believe I didn't even witness one argument over an egg... and thankfully the word 'MINE' did not rear its ugly head till later... I felt like a proud Mamma/Auntie Jen...

There are so many things to be said of this very important holiday... and they don't have anything at all to do with eggs, bunnies or chocolates, but the page is only so long and my kids are revolting at my motherly departure due to my bloggie addiction.
We out!