Monday, April 27, 2009

My 32 years

so today is my actual birthday and and I am not one to shy away from spilling the beans on my age... i am exactly 32 years old today and grateful for every moment of it. In fact I don't know why peeps are so into hiding their age... don't they know that every one of those years was not only a glorious gift, but also holds the keys to who you are and why you are... they have the power to reveal the stuff of your life... the achievements, the treasures, the heartbreaks and all the lessons learned in between.

I guess what I love the most about this day of the year coming around are the reflections that this celebration carries with it. There is always a time every birthday where you face yourself... your life... and the stuff of your days over the last year. And somehow I am always surprised surprised by the depth of my joys, how much my kids have grown and all the bittersweetness of that year.

So I guess I'm just here saying... Thank you, god... for my 32 years and for the incredible family I have to share them with.