Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AMK's big day

yep, yep... this girl had a super big day today...

Little Autumn is officially a crawler now!

daunt da du daaauuuh!!!!!!!!!

Yep, those tiny little legs finally figured out just what they could do and now they simply can't get enough.

She scoots and scoots and crawls all over my dirty floor... it really is just the cutest thing... those tiny little legs move move movin' and that big diaper padded bootie up in tha air!

so cute

now I just have to clean the floor more.

smile smile!

Ode to Josh

For Josh...

For you...
I would dowse my hair with sticky glue,
I would fry my legs and eat them too,
I would put a spider in my shoooeee....

For yoooouuuuu!

Yep, I am a silly girl who just love love loves this cute boy...

love makes ya do a silly thing or two... like post love songs written by Gonzo on your blog!

Monday, September 29, 2008

check this out!

So I was sifting through used books yesterday and I totally scored... I found all these old issues of New American Paintings!
For those o you out there that have never checked out an issue, I gotta say I think they have their fingers on the pulse of the upcoming art community in our country. In a nutshell, New American Paintings is a publication that results from the bimonthly Open Studios Art Competitions. These competitions are supa dupa competitive and the winners works are featured in the publications. As far as "in print" goes this is quite an accomplishment.

All that to say, you can always find some of the most innovative artists on its pages.

I bought a few old issues (they are still pretty pricey, even being used... 10 bucks! - not a lot for some, but a lot for me) and was super impressed and delighted to find the beautiful work you see across this post.

These portraits are not oil, as you and I both thought... they are embroidered! Yeah, i know... so crazy and so beautiful and detailed and ahhhh....

Yep, these are embroidered wool on linen!!!

The artist is Cayce Zavaglia and she is represented by Lions Wier Ortt Gallery in NYC... here is a link if you just can't get enough of these awesome portraits! --- I will not tell you all how many times I keep going back to her pages... all I will say is that there is a book mark there!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Tweet, tweet!

A new work completed just last week.

A special piece for one very very special person.

love you, Mia!
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays... even if it was exactly one week ago!

late is how i roll!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Acorn Day

So my momsie omsie did her annual Acorn Day event last weekend. Every year it is a super fun time to be with friends and celebrate the onset of Fall and hear a lovely story written by my Momma.
You couldn't ask for weather better suited for the occasion than what we have been blessed with as of late.
And just look at how much the kiddos love it too!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Naked Frisbee throwing

Today we were watching a Classical Baby Art show and this guy popped up.
And Lavender said:
"Hey, that guy's naked! .... And throwing a frisbee"


Monday, September 15, 2008

The Good things

hope you cats had a good weekend... I must say mine was incredible... full of things I absolutely love love love to do. I got to go on a little hike with the fam and then the rest of the weekend I spent going to the Clothesline opening and Gallery hopping all over downtown... so lovely!
Most of these pics are from our walkie walk... too bad I didn't get an pics of the Gallery hop and such, but if any of you were outside this weekend you know how stinking hot and steamy it was... gosh!

Despite the heat I found myself so happy to have some quiet little moments full of the good things of life:

the smell of cedar trees

the laughter of little Autumn

good conversation with Lindy and Anna

getting to hold Josh's hand

drinking in lots of artistic inspiration

touching the lovely Shadow Box papers

fun times with friends

Yep, I feel blessed for sure... too bad the weekend always seems to go so fast.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

From Duran Duran to Paul Simon

so today after we got back from the playground we were talking over lunch and listening to 'Hungry Like a Wolf" by Duran Duran and here is what Lavender had to say:
Me: Awesome singing, Laughfer!
L: Is this Duran Duran?
Me: Yep
L: I like them... they're big kids
Me: I guess they are... I like them too!
L: And John Denver
Me: you like him?
L: He siiitiiinkgss
Me: He stinks???
L: NO, he sings, Mom
Me: oh yeah... he does.
L: And Paul Simon
Me: I know you like Paul Simon
L: Yes, I DO! He's a boy. I eat Mac n cheese like a Big Girl!

My Favorite time of day re-realized

so ya know how I went on and on about my new favorite time o day??

well, now I have my little ol' wish realized yet again. I guess God agreed with me and thought that our little afternoons of wholesomeness were pretty cool too cause ye ol' truck went out again.

So now I get our little pond walks back!!

Here are a few snippets of our journey from yesterday.

I think that one of the best parts of my little ol' days are watching Joshers with his girls.
He really is such an amazing Dad... so fun, so steady and dependable and always up for a little play!

I just love watching them... perhaps it shows...

adios for now, kids!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lavender's Questions

Today we were driving in the car to the Creative Discovery Museum and Lavender had a couple of questions for me... they went like this:

L: Did you drive a tractor this morning, mom?
Me: uh.... nope
L: Did you drive a bulldozer?
Me: sure didn't
L: oh

Last night

So last night I was cozied up with my Sweet on the couch. Everything was finally quiet in the house and suddenly I was struck with an awesome idea.
So I said, "Tell me a story, Joshers!"
To which a quiet, somewhat sleepy voice pleaded    "No, please no."


ps... doesn't the ol' Joshers have a knack for taking beautiful & super duper serious self portraits?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Lavender's thoughts on Madonna

so we were listening to old school Madonna at lunch (Holiday to be precise) and here is what Lavender said:

L: Who's singing?
ME: Madonna
L: I like this one
Me: Me too
L: Who say that (holiday)?
Me: Madonna
L: She's a sweeeeethearrrt!
ME: uhhhhh
L: right, mom?

um ?

the close of a weekend

so after an evening of drawing I have concluded that artist type folks are the most erganomically challenged people you could meet.
Contorted positions and achy muscles seem to follow our crowd from project to project.

hopefully we will eventually learn that taking an extra couple o minutes to set up a more comfortable workspace will not only help us work, but also help our kids like us more the next day... eh eh .

check out these cuties! I took these pics sometime during our weekend... did anyone elses seem to fly by at warp speed???


Saturday, September 06, 2008

things of today

The things of today...

went to a farm

spent some good times with the fam

listened to a poem by Mao Zedong

tied balloons to unmoving objects

listened to a couple of good friends

ate breakfast at an unbreakfasty hour

realized how much I love Josh

enjoyed the sky

thought about God a bit

wonder what comes next....

readin time with the girls

So we have been reading a bit before bed with the girls. Joshers asked what we wanted to read and I shouted "The Giving Tree"!!! (much to his dismay!)

-- the ol' Joshers seriously does not like this book. He has to really try to refrain from adding little descriptions like "the incredibly selfish boy" or "the boy who thinks of nothing but himself" --- so funny. I guess he will not be getting a giving tree tattoo like this one anytime soon!! (I found this pic on Google images - pretty awesome, eh??)

Anyways, here is a little snippet of our awesome parenting skills...

Josh: Hey Laughfer... go get that green giving tree book, kay??
L: This one?
Josh: No, not that one. It's over to the left.
Lavender moves to the right
Josh: Move your hand toward the computer.
Me: The other way... it's the green one...
Josh: That one - YES - The one with the scary man on the back..
L: He scares me... that man!
Josh & I: Oh, he's not scary!
Josh: Nothing to be afraid of...

---- No confusion there, eh!!! HA
We're Awesome!!