Saturday, September 06, 2008

readin time with the girls

So we have been reading a bit before bed with the girls. Joshers asked what we wanted to read and I shouted "The Giving Tree"!!! (much to his dismay!)

-- the ol' Joshers seriously does not like this book. He has to really try to refrain from adding little descriptions like "the incredibly selfish boy" or "the boy who thinks of nothing but himself" --- so funny. I guess he will not be getting a giving tree tattoo like this one anytime soon!! (I found this pic on Google images - pretty awesome, eh??)

Anyways, here is a little snippet of our awesome parenting skills...

Josh: Hey Laughfer... go get that green giving tree book, kay??
L: This one?
Josh: No, not that one. It's over to the left.
Lavender moves to the right
Josh: Move your hand toward the computer.
Me: The other way... it's the green one...
Josh: That one - YES - The one with the scary man on the back..
L: He scares me... that man!
Josh & I: Oh, he's not scary!
Josh: Nothing to be afraid of...

---- No confusion there, eh!!! HA
We're Awesome!!