Friday, July 28, 2006

Cards for my peeps

the art block has broken... I got projects everywhere now. Here are just a few cards i made for some of yous... perhaps you will find one in your mailbox tomorrow! (excuse my poor photos... er)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Giant Girl Doll

found this today... it is kinda wonderful... kinda creepy, but i can't seem to look away. hmmm

Me & my girls... and kids

Here is some snips from our weekend with Kate a Kate, Cat, Jos and Eden. So fun to have the kiddo posse out and about in our little city. As you can see the girls are having a grrreat time exploring each other's digits...(it takes sooo much to please them ya know! Sometimes i wonder why in the heck my house is covered in giant plastic primary colored kid entertainment devices???!!!)

I love this pic of Jos roaring like his lion at coolidge parky! He is such a little adventurer...exploring his surroundings, learning, playing and telling me allll about it!!! Love him so!

Here is Aunty Cat (a.k.a Miss Cathy, according to Jos--- love to hear him say that!) with my girl. She wasn't so sure about the water shooting up from the ground at the park...errr....not quite like great grandma's pool! So thankful to have Cat and Kate to make everything so much fun and so much easier too!
Here is little Eden... looking so bold and strong (even though she was pretty unsure of all this water business!)! I love this pic... looks so much like Kate... a little red haired Kate!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jello & stickers!

Here's a little series of me and little bit inspecting stickers and jello stuck on the winder of Uncle Mal's cabin. I thought these are so sweet... I love watching my girl explore new things! As far as creating actual jello thick enough to stick to the window... errr... very interesting. perhaps these have something to do with the massive amount of ant colonies that we lived with that weekend!!! gotta go - more lata.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cotton candy Shoes

My favorite shoes here... oooooh, so girly! I have to admit I love the jeans with funky shoes bit... makes me feel girly and complex, which i'm not. he he
I also included a snippet of our weekend adventures. Lavender seems to be giving Ella's nose a little taste! a bunch of us "grown-ups" did a kiddo trade-off from the girls to the boys, so everyone could get a little break. So fun to be out and about with the girls without yanking the kids and alll the gear around. I forgot who was for a bit.
Been working on some art that hasn't been working out the way I wanted... go figure. i will post some when the esthetic war has been won.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My dream house

Uncle Mal's cabin on the lake... ahhh!! So, we escaped to the restful waters of Lake Martin for a weekend getaway. Oh, how nice to break loose of the confines of technology for a bit. This cabin belongs to Josh's Uncle Mal and family. The place is a bit of heaven on earth... no working tv, a phone that never rings, and all the sun, lounging and card playing you could ask for. It seems as if this little cabin has been lost in time... all the furniture is from '62ish and there are notes tacked to the wall that haven't been removed since its purchase... these notes post "the rules" of lake living, which pretty much revolve around being thankful and going to bed when the sun does. These things are ok by me... I found myself reluctant to leave. smile

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Mojo Show

I am happy to report that my artwork is gracing the walls of our little Mojo Burrito! This is the first showing I have done in Chatty town since we moved from Florida. I am really pleased with how my work interacts with the wall color there... It seems to just pop! It makes me enjoy seeing all this work that has been packed away since we left Floridy. The interior shots aren't as comprehensive as they should be... it was so packed out when me and Jess were there (with little Lavender and LuLu girls)... hard to get good images. You can't see all the works here so you will just have to stop in next time you find yourself over in the St. Elmo land. Hope you enjoy!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Here i am... finally entering the blogging world! It took long Anyways, i though this pic was just perrrfect for our debut. This is my sweet girl enjoying a warp speed tour of the downstairs of our house! We chased our poor doggie round and round.... WOOPIEEEE!!! (adel - the dog, was not quite as geeful as little Lavender here) This is what happens when Jen gets ahold of Lavender's pimped out stroller... cruisin in her 5.0... yo!