Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Baptismal Bliss

Yes, yes... we got little Lavy baptized this Sunday. I found the whole experience to be quite moving. It seemed like so many very different emotions were flowing right across me wave by wave... Here we were standing in a church Josh was baptized in... that we just joined... (which was quite a big thing for little non commital Jen) with our little daughter who was sitting pleasantly unaware in a christening gown that I wore when I was a babe.
It seemed like time was so long and short all at once... How come all the big things in life make time move this way? I dunno... but I tried not to cry.
I am so thankful and happy to be part of a community of believers where we feel so at home (but challenged too) and to have the support as our little family gets bigger and stronger. God is good... His blessing abound to us!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blue Skies

This weekend was so nice... and so chill.
me likey this way of things.

here is a little snippet of Joshers flying little Lavy around the yard. They looked so purty against the big blue sky it just had to memorexed.
aaaaaaaaaaa blue sky... we miss you....
tooo much rainsie.

and another thing... Lavender's shirt says "I'm definately up to something"... so cute... thanks mimi!

Monday, October 16, 2006

My New Favorite

so my The Science of Sleep is my new favorite movie. Joshie and I went out on a date this weekend (thanks to Mom!) and we saw this wonderful little film. It is magical, creative and ever so inspiring... I love movies about characters who make things. Seeing this movie made me want to go home and make little people out of oatmeal boxes and toilet paper rolls.... like we did when we were kids. I guess that is it... This movie made me feel like a wee kiddo that only needed cardboard and a bit of duck tape to make one delightful evening fly by.
This movie is by the same director that did The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...which i like too.

Hope you guys get a chance to see it... it's well worth it! Smiles to yous

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


so Jess and I decided to have a little picnic lunchy with in the park with the girls yestaday. sushi just sounded too good to pass up, so we went over to Sushi Nabe ordered a few rolls and took em over to Coolidge.

I haven't visited Sushi Nabe since it relocated to Coolidge Park. I have to say that it was quite amusing to check out the eclectic (...not quite sure what else to call it) decor smattered across the space. Jess and I about peed in our pants when we discovered that not only was there an autographed drawing of the good ol' Alabama boys hanging on the wall, but that one of the boyz dedicated the signage to "Shushi Nabe" ... eh eh eh - so funny! Gotta love country music icons!

I think Lavender and little Lou had a pretty good time playing and sticking leaves, keys and such in their mouths. he he...

So nice to carve out a little time with my girl Jess... thank goodness for friends and little calm moments like these.

I liked this frosted winder pic. Hope you do too.

More lata

Sunday, October 01, 2006

One Bridge Fest

The results are in... One Bridge Art Festival freagin' rocked!!!!!!!!! so fun... so laid back... such good exposure... all that hard hard work paying off, baby! Here are some pics from the day...

Here is my wee little art tent!!! I have to say that I think it turned out soooo cute... smile. I just love the how happy the stenciled letters looked dancing across the front!

In the second pic you can see a wide shot of the entire festival site, which was located in a parking area right on Frazier Ave. As you can see, the weather could not have been better, the location was such a hot spot and the people (artists, fest hosts and customers) were really friendly. People traffic could not have been better... I'm not sure that any other show I've participated in has yielded this big of a crowd.

The whole thing was not too big and not too small and the date of the event could not have been betta... the fest on the same day as Wine Over Water as well as the Culture Fest... Incredible... all 3 events going on within a few feet of one another.

And I cannot go any further yammering on about my experience without declaring my incredible thankfulness and love for my sweet Josh, my dear dear Cat, Amelia & Lee, Kate a Kate, and my parents... these are the loves of my life... so dedicated, so thoughtful... so loyal. I treasure them all and am indebited to them for all their help and support. Thanks, guys!