Wednesday, October 04, 2006


so Jess and I decided to have a little picnic lunchy with in the park with the girls yestaday. sushi just sounded too good to pass up, so we went over to Sushi Nabe ordered a few rolls and took em over to Coolidge.

I haven't visited Sushi Nabe since it relocated to Coolidge Park. I have to say that it was quite amusing to check out the eclectic (...not quite sure what else to call it) decor smattered across the space. Jess and I about peed in our pants when we discovered that not only was there an autographed drawing of the good ol' Alabama boys hanging on the wall, but that one of the boyz dedicated the signage to "Shushi Nabe" ... eh eh eh - so funny! Gotta love country music icons!

I think Lavender and little Lou had a pretty good time playing and sticking leaves, keys and such in their mouths. he he...

So nice to carve out a little time with my girl Jess... thank goodness for friends and little calm moments like these.

I liked this frosted winder pic. Hope you do too.

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