Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Oui, oui... Here is my little French girl... These pics make me think her name should have been Cosette or something.

This little girl just loves to wear hats these days. She is forever asking me to put them on her head and then she precedes to model them throughout the house to whoever or whatever her audience may be... Girls... so funny...

But, hey - does it get any more adorable than this???

I think not.. he he !!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I had a follow up Ultrasound and we have SUCH good news...
The Placenta Previa condition I was diagnosed with has corrected itself 100%!!!! All those prayers were heard and we are thanking the Lord for this blessing.

And here are a few fun facts about this pregger....

1 - The placenta has been moved into its rightful place far away from cervical obstruction and it cannot move back down - YAY!
2 - All is well with the baby... everything is measuring perfectly and we are healthy!
3 - The babe is DEFINITELY a girl!!!
4 - She weighs a whole 2 pounds right now....
5 - We are wholly relieved and thankful... soooo thankful!

Smiles to you all

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Without further delay...

As you can see, this little girl has been buzz buzz buzzing away in the studio. The Women's Clothesline show is well on it's way and I want to show all new works.

I have had a bit of an epiphany about my art as of late...
And it is simply this...
I don't think I can keep toiling away on such serious subject matter (like the "righteous man" portrait series) and be content right now.

I've realized that my everyday is filled with stories of little girls or animals learning new things and having grand adventures in great lands...
And I really like that. I love the way my little girl has softened the world around me. I want to make work that reflects this... that takes people to other worlds and inspires them.
So here is the result of such thinking. More works to come!