Monday, January 26, 2009

The Divine Pause Button

I find that there is often a love hate relationship with technology running through these veins... sometimes I love love love the connectedness that this computer with its blogs and facebooks and websites yields.... so current, so convenient... so today. And then there are the other times...  times when I think that the "connectedness" of the online community doesn't really touch anything of the essence of community and what that truly means. And this feeling that perhaps we would all be better off if we actually went to visit one another instead of sitting down in front of our monitors seeps right in. 
Sometimes it is just hard to be okay with connecting with others via these means...
As you have probably guessed I have just gone through one of these "ugh - the computer" spells. I find that this bloggie of mine has two very different effects... it causes either a verbal purge or a unintended vow of silence. Most of the time when I get in front of the computa I only mean to write one or two lines and then find myself rooted to the desk a half hour later. And then there are the other times when I sit down and deciding to write any little thing at all is like trying to pry open an oyster or something. 
Now that that is out of the way... 
Things have been good here, but seem to be moving both fast and slow if that makes any sense. Art projects keep getting almost finished and put on hold waiting for supplies, or printing processes or for kids to vacate the studio. The search for educational options for the girls has begun, but you just can only do so much research that is truly helpful in one day.  There are lots of things that seem to go on and off, starting and stopping... I think once you enter parenthood there is some divine pause button that keeps getting pushed on and off and on and off. But alas, we are trying...
One last thing. 
Last week we got in the car and NPR was on again. They were reporting on OBama's plan for immigration and Lavender pipes up and says "Our Pres Dent sure does talk a lot outside!" 
I guess the inauguration ceremony made some sort of impact!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Walks, Dalmation gear and Frankensteiny moves

The new year... ours has gotten of to a rather quiet little start. we've been at my favo celebration spot... home. but, I gotsta say that the cabin fever that the rain brings has taken hold.
I find my feet itching to go walking at every step and a longing for bright sun shiny days like no other.

Thank goodness yesterday showers ceased and we got in a seriously desired walk... something that feeds my soul every time without fail. I was ever so suprised to stumble on this lovely statue of a cross on our journey. What a gift on a cloudy sunday - a reminder of God's unconditional love and sacrifice for us.
In other news...
Miss Autumn Marie is now a big walker!!! She only seems to get about 10 steps in till she falls, but it is just adorable and quite Franksteiny!! Soo funny... you cats gotta check it out the next time you're around.
Enjoying the new Dalmation look up in here... thanks, Mimi!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

a word about the holidayness

so finally a word of the holidayness of it all. I'm not sure what all to say of this season of celebration... there has been so much... So much to be thankful for, so many incredibly generous gifts, so much fun with our fam and friends and so many things to do...
but, then there has also been the awareness of those we love who no longer walk this beautiful earth who loved this season soo much... how can hearts and minds not linger there and feel that loss again? this season has been beautiful and achy too. and somehow it is not easier to say nothing of these things.

Somehow I think all the holidays would be a little more meaningful and real if we did more talking about not only the shiny brilliant sparkly beauty of our the holiday pomp, but also the parts of our selves that seem to rise to the surface of these times.... the hurt and longing and holes we have inside us. Perhaps these things are so much more universally relevant....

And you know... without them, so many moments would go unsavored... like the quiet simplicity of seeing our children asleep under a Christmas tree, the glory of a bright, clear winter day made for a good walk, or the constant help and support of the one that knows us the most. These are things that make my heart and soul stir and lead me in the right direction this time of year... to the one, constant, unchanging source of rebirth, grace and unconditional love.

My heart is grateful.