Monday, January 05, 2009

Walks, Dalmation gear and Frankensteiny moves

The new year... ours has gotten of to a rather quiet little start. we've been at my favo celebration spot... home. but, I gotsta say that the cabin fever that the rain brings has taken hold.
I find my feet itching to go walking at every step and a longing for bright sun shiny days like no other.

Thank goodness yesterday showers ceased and we got in a seriously desired walk... something that feeds my soul every time without fail. I was ever so suprised to stumble on this lovely statue of a cross on our journey. What a gift on a cloudy sunday - a reminder of God's unconditional love and sacrifice for us.
In other news...
Miss Autumn Marie is now a big walker!!! She only seems to get about 10 steps in till she falls, but it is just adorable and quite Franksteiny!! Soo funny... you cats gotta check it out the next time you're around.
Enjoying the new Dalmation look up in here... thanks, Mimi!!!