Monday, January 29, 2007

Yet another film

So as a follow up to an Inconvenient Truth, Joshers and I decided to view 'Who Killed the Electric Car' this weekend.

It is so nice to view a documentary and not be left with the feeling of being smacked in the face with a barrage of heavy handed jargon... ya know.

This flick does a really great job of presenting the facts for what they are while intertwining the life experiences of some really charming characters. This film allows the viewer to explore environmental issues and yet you still truly enjoy the story of the EV1 (the first electric car in development for consumer consumption).

This flick is informative and pro active without the heavy hand of an overly politicized director (did someone say Micheal Moore???)

If you watch this flick be prepared to leave with the following:
More awareness of the ever growing monster of Greed
Hopefulness for the future and alternative energy technologies
perhaps a desire to actually do something... eh eh eh

If you're interested in more info about electric cars check this out:

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

very Inconvenient

So this was one of the films we watched over the weekend.

I have to say that if you haven't seen this one yet, you might really want to check it out. I know the subject matter in this film is sensitive for a lot of people, however I think that their is a lot of well documented information that is pretty crucial to our understanding of the events of the past couple of years...

And yes, yes, I will warn you that the film is littered with propaganda and partisan politics... however, I think that the film is still successful in conveying its overall point - that global warming is real and that our environment is responding catastrophically to our over consumption.

Perhaps this film is particularly relevant to me since Joshers and I had a front row view of the onslaught of the hurricanes that wailed on Florida in 2004 and 2005.... or perhaps it is b.c I always feel an incredible amount of guilt for not assisting with the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in some way, shape or form...especially after witnessing FEMA's lack of basic managerial coordination skills when cleaning up in Florida. I could tell you loads of hilarious and absurd stories about Josh's experience working with FEMA and my own in coordinating temp workers to work with FEMA... but I save those for bonfire chats.

yep. i guess that's all folks!

Monday, January 15, 2007


so here is the cutest girl in the world (aka Laughfer according to Juden).

i wanted to share these pics so you cats could see how much she's starting to look like a kid (the babyness seems to evaporate sometimes)... and b.c. i think the light on her little eggy face is just beautiful. the whole time i was snapping away she was proclaiming"LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT!" I love that...

and since the "cutest girl in the world" barely slept at all last night, i am going to take a napsy wapsy.

more lata kids.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cogs a turnin'

I'm sitting here watching a tiny little Ladybug trapped in a glass of water on my desk...(yes, i have this very annoying habit of leaving half full glasses of water over every square inch of our house) This poor little ladybug is working with feverish persistence to break out of the glass house he had gotten himself into...

This is a metaphor for my creative self... stuck in a glass house.

It seems like ever since the holidays have past and there are no more presents to make all the surprises have been revealed, there is just space left. The New Year has come and gone and I have art in only one gallery and one retail space. With no new shows coming up that seem to be something special, interesting or inspiring and with the 4 Bridge Art Fest not panning out I seem to be left with time... I feel a change in my work a-brewin'... the cogs are turning and ideas are incubating. I feel the need to rush them into fruition and to let them simmer at the same time. But I guess ideas are better when they have time to marinate and blossom.

Change is coming... I'll keep you posted.

and i did rescue the bug!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Longwood Gardens: Part 2

So here are more glimpses into our Longwood Garden journey... I absolutely adore these pics! And let me tell ya, this is only a mere smidgeon of the plethra of pics I took on our little outing. I am in love with long exposure shots. They are my new thang.

Longwood Gardens: Part 1

One last thing about our Philly trip... we went to this amazing place called Longwood Gardens. Apparently it is quite a popular spot around Christmas because the trees and landscaping are strung from trunk to peak with bazillions and bazillions of tiny little Christmas lights of all shapes and colors.... Amazing! I simply thought we were headed to a little park with some twinkly lights and couldn't imagine why in the world there was such stand still traffic leading into a little ol' parky... but then... we arrived to see this...........................................(please fasten your seat belts for a very long journey into a sacred wonderland)......................................................................................

Thursday, January 04, 2007

2 sweet girls

i just had to show yous two of my favorite pics of two of my favoritest girls... lyla and fern.

what blue blue eyes...

so sweet!

luv um!

stay tuned for more big face pictures a la jen!!!!!!!!!!!