Monday, January 29, 2007

Yet another film

So as a follow up to an Inconvenient Truth, Joshers and I decided to view 'Who Killed the Electric Car' this weekend.

It is so nice to view a documentary and not be left with the feeling of being smacked in the face with a barrage of heavy handed jargon... ya know.

This flick does a really great job of presenting the facts for what they are while intertwining the life experiences of some really charming characters. This film allows the viewer to explore environmental issues and yet you still truly enjoy the story of the EV1 (the first electric car in development for consumer consumption).

This flick is informative and pro active without the heavy hand of an overly politicized director (did someone say Micheal Moore???)

If you watch this flick be prepared to leave with the following:
More awareness of the ever growing monster of Greed
Hopefulness for the future and alternative energy technologies
perhaps a desire to actually do something... eh eh eh

If you're interested in more info about electric cars check this out: