Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cogs a turnin'

I'm sitting here watching a tiny little Ladybug trapped in a glass of water on my desk...(yes, i have this very annoying habit of leaving half full glasses of water over every square inch of our house) This poor little ladybug is working with feverish persistence to break out of the glass house he had gotten himself into...

This is a metaphor for my creative self... stuck in a glass house.

It seems like ever since the holidays have past and there are no more presents to make all the surprises have been revealed, there is just space left. The New Year has come and gone and I have art in only one gallery and one retail space. With no new shows coming up that seem to be something special, interesting or inspiring and with the 4 Bridge Art Fest not panning out I seem to be left with time... I feel a change in my work a-brewin'... the cogs are turning and ideas are incubating. I feel the need to rush them into fruition and to let them simmer at the same time. But I guess ideas are better when they have time to marinate and blossom.

Change is coming... I'll keep you posted.

and i did rescue the bug!