Sunday, November 25, 2007

We have a Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep.... We are now a family of 4!!!!!!!!!
Miss Autumn Marie arrived on Wed. 11-21 to eagerly awaiting parents and friends.

Isn't she lovely???

I will spare you cats all the ugly details of labor and delivery... I'm sure you all wanted to know about that. Anyways, here are her stats.

Name: Autumn Marie
DOB : 11/21/07
Weight: 8lbs and 4 oz.
Length: 21 inches

And a few fun facts: She sports a full head of black hair and an uncanny resemblance to big sis, Lavender. You guys gotta check out Josher's bloggie and see "the Kring Baby template pics" HA!

Enjoy the pics... more later.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Induction Time!

Here it is Tuesday and I am 1 day past my due date. Yep Yep... everything seems to be swollen now, the blood pressure is up and I now do the "contraction waddle" as Josh Green hysterically imitates. It really is sooo funny that I couldn't even get mad at his imitation of me!!!
For all these reasons, Lorie (my midwife) has scheduled me an induction date for 5am ----- yes, 5am ----- tomorrow morning. So, for all you cats out there who have been wondering and wondering when this baby is going to show.... now we know!!! hoooray!

I know that my sweet hubbie, Joshers, will be ever thankful to see all my endless nesting activities come to a sudden halt. The 2 pics posted are products of such nesting urges. The first is a baby blanket my great grandma sewed for my dad... I thought it would look cute on the wall, so I put it on canvas via felt & lots of buttons, so I could enjoy its comical and charming ness. The other pic is of 2 snails (ma insists they are turtles - but, hey, whatev) that used to adorn my toddler swim suit when I was a wee one. It also was too cute to store away, so into the frame it goes. I think they look cute! Hopefully, these little girls of ours will think of these family mementos as treasures and not worn out relics... smile.

We will let ya know when this wee wittle girl gets here!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Birds, Birds... everywhere Birds!

Hey all you crazy cats... I thought I would show off the results of my distracting myself from the oncoming LABOR & DELIVERY that is headed my way soon and very soon.... dunt dunt duuuuuuh.

Yes, yes.... my due date is monday the 19th and every night seems to be THE night with all the contractions and whatnot.... Augh... I am so weary of trying to anticipate when this new baby girl is coming that I have been a busy bee distracting myself as much as possible.

These 2 little bird works have already made their way to their prospective homes, but I thought I would show 'em anyways b.c. they turned out rather nice. I really like this family of 3 that went to live with my good friend, Jess. Hope you like it, Jess. I loved making it for you, my sweet.

As to all this birth business... We'll keep ya posted!

Friday, November 02, 2007


Here's some snippets of our Halloween... Lavender and her good friend, Matthew scouted our new neighborhood in all their hallowed gear. Matthew sported the monkey suit, while Lavender was a "pile of leaves"... I'm sure she will appreciate the originality of the costume later in life... eh eh.
I think she looks more like a Keebler Elf than anything. So cute!!!

Nevertheless, the kiddos seemed to have a great time until they reached the "scary house" down the street. There was this dude slumped down on a porch chair with hair in his face, groaning into a microphone. Matthew was hip to this scary scene at once and Laughfer said she wanted to go to the house, but then completely lost it... Thankfully her daddy was there to make it all betta.

Hope you guys had a fun and safe Halloween!!! We sure did!