Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Birds, Birds... everywhere Birds!

Hey all you crazy cats... I thought I would show off the results of my distracting myself from the oncoming LABOR & DELIVERY that is headed my way soon and very soon.... dunt dunt duuuuuuh.

Yes, yes.... my due date is monday the 19th and every night seems to be THE night with all the contractions and whatnot.... Augh... I am so weary of trying to anticipate when this new baby girl is coming that I have been a busy bee distracting myself as much as possible.

These 2 little bird works have already made their way to their prospective homes, but I thought I would show 'em anyways b.c. they turned out rather nice. I really like this family of 3 that went to live with my good friend, Jess. Hope you like it, Jess. I loved making it for you, my sweet.

As to all this birth business... We'll keep ya posted!