Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Baptismal Bliss

Yes, yes... we got little Lavy baptized this Sunday. I found the whole experience to be quite moving. It seemed like so many very different emotions were flowing right across me wave by wave... Here we were standing in a church Josh was baptized in... that we just joined... (which was quite a big thing for little non commital Jen) with our little daughter who was sitting pleasantly unaware in a christening gown that I wore when I was a babe.
It seemed like time was so long and short all at once... How come all the big things in life make time move this way? I dunno... but I tried not to cry.
I am so thankful and happy to be part of a community of believers where we feel so at home (but challenged too) and to have the support as our little family gets bigger and stronger. God is good... His blessing abound to us!