Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Here is our Hallowed night of spookiness! Little Lavender and Ella were transformed into acorns, thanks to the hard work of their Mimi... Nice work!!! Don't they just look so adorable! The girls handled all the costuming and Tricking and Treatting like champs... so little fussin'- just a happy little twosome!
Now to the rest of the St. E posse... we have almost the entire crew of the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy, the Lion and the Scarecrow (also know as Meadow, Dove and Oak). How perfectly they fit their parts, eh?!!!
And last, but never least... Here is a wee wittle cowboy also known as Juden, who rode in literally from the WILD WILD West!!! Crazy boy... runnin and jumpin and going full speed ahead in pursuit of CANDY CANDY CANDY!!! Juden was hilarious making the neighborhood rounds... when someone would open their door, Juden would yell "Trick or Treat" and walk right in! So funny to watch that bold little guy! He also did this one hysterical thing I have to mention... He pointed his plastic orange cowboy gun at Scott's tummy and said "Bang!... Does that feel better?" It was so fun to watch all the kiddos running about in little costumes smiling and out of breath from the candy conquest. It brings up all those memories of past Halloweens and costumes that Mom tirelessly labored over without much of a thank you.

To all moms out there... THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK!!! Holidays (and everydays) would never sparkle without your presence and dedication. We love ya!