Monday, November 20, 2006

Athens town

So, the fam took a little trip to Athens town this weekend to see sweet Amelia and Lee. How nice it was to have some time to catch up... to breathe... time to talk and be silly. We felt like we were on vacation... no pressure... no schedule... just fun and good food. I didn't want to leave... but I never really want to leave their company anyways. I guess everyone feels that way about their oldest friends... people who know ya and all your quirks... and love ya anyway!

Here are a few pics of Lee with our little one... I love these. Lavender fell in love with Lee the moment he scooped her up. She's been smiling at him ever since. I don't know what kind of special wooing skills Lee seems to have... but I can't attest to their power. So cute!

Some how I didn't get a good in focus pic of Lavender and Amelia... hmmm. sorry, girl.

And one last thing... for anyone taking a trip to Athens, GA anytime soon, I gotta a couple of tips... You absolutely must stop in at the Last Resort... a restuarant downtown with incredible food and charm to match. They make one mean cheesecake that is worth every calorie it packs. mmmmmmmmmmm. Also I am forever happy to shop around in couple of really unique spots... Helix and Toulas... so cute stuff!