Monday, November 06, 2006

Cakes for Mommas

My momma's B-Day is actually today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!!

We had a little ol' celebration this weekend with some local girlfriends while Dadda was a campin'. Apparently, I thought the occasion called for me to turn into Martha Stewart of Chicky town.
I just wanted to make a birthday cake that was beautiful for my sweet mom, who has made countless cakes in her time for her family... (and let's face it, most of the covenant college community). Unfortunately so many recipes I found require 2hours or even 1 freagin day! So, I decided to make a Chocolate Earl Grey Cake and here is the result! I think it turned out pretty cute. And Mom had candles to blow out. Check it out!

My hat is off to all the Moms out there who have spent countless hours on cakes, costumes, toys and generally making life not only more fun, but beautiful. Love ya'll! I wish I could muster the energy to make a cake for each one of you... just because.

I have all these MANYMANY things to show ya'll. I got really far behind in postin' stuff due to a case of computa itis... that's what I call it when the thought of loosin' an hour or so on techy devices makes my eyes itch. I hope I'm not the only cat out there that has a love hate relationship with technology... so fickle is my heart!

Anyway, there are many more snippety snips of my days to come, so check back soon.