Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgivin wit da Girlz

Our wee thanksgiving was made so bright with the presence of the Kriby crew. Cannon & Leah were able to come up, so we got to revel in the pleasure of their company and the abundance of little girls runnin about. Sooo nice to have them all here.... Beautiful chaos... lots of laughter, cries, giggles, runny noses and suprises. Love em all !!!

(this first pic of Fern lettin Lavender know whats up just cracks me up - makes me think of all those "how old are you" measuring up convos of long ago)

Of course, there was good food, good conversation and just good fun. I just can't say how much I love Thanksgiving... such a chill holiday... lots of family, lots of food, no worrying about presents, and generally just focusing on the many many ways God blesses our lives. Too bad we get so caught up with santas, bunnies and other festive entities during holidays, ya know!

Anyway, I'm in tha midst of christmas cookie madness here... I will pop out some more words when the sugar lets go of my system... smile!!!