Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Me & my girls... and kids

Here is some snips from our weekend with Kate a Kate, Cat, Jos and Eden. So fun to have the kiddo posse out and about in our little city. As you can see the girls are having a grrreat time exploring each other's digits...(it takes sooo much to please them ya know! Sometimes i wonder why in the heck my house is covered in giant plastic primary colored kid entertainment devices???!!!)

I love this pic of Jos roaring like his lion at coolidge parky! He is such a little adventurer...exploring his surroundings, learning, playing and telling me allll about it!!! Love him so!

Here is Aunty Cat (a.k.a Miss Cathy, according to Jos--- love to hear him say that!) with my girl. She wasn't so sure about the water shooting up from the ground at the park...errr....not quite like great grandma's pool! So thankful to have Cat and Kate to make everything so much fun and so much easier too!
Here is little Eden... looking so bold and strong (even though she was pretty unsure of all this water business!)! I love this pic... looks so much like Kate... a little red haired Kate!