Monday, September 15, 2008

The Good things

hope you cats had a good weekend... I must say mine was incredible... full of things I absolutely love love love to do. I got to go on a little hike with the fam and then the rest of the weekend I spent going to the Clothesline opening and Gallery hopping all over downtown... so lovely!
Most of these pics are from our walkie walk... too bad I didn't get an pics of the Gallery hop and such, but if any of you were outside this weekend you know how stinking hot and steamy it was... gosh!

Despite the heat I found myself so happy to have some quiet little moments full of the good things of life:

the smell of cedar trees

the laughter of little Autumn

good conversation with Lindy and Anna

getting to hold Josh's hand

drinking in lots of artistic inspiration

touching the lovely Shadow Box papers

fun times with friends

Yep, I feel blessed for sure... too bad the weekend always seems to go so fast.