Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boo Ya !!! Got em done!

so I have been basking in the tiniest rays of accomplishment for the past few days...
You know how there are just some things that are always poking at the back of your brain begging and begging you to complete them???
Well, I finally put my little hands to work on some of those guys and got em done!!! Yes!

I wanted to make something for our mantle that was whimsical, but familial... something about or relating to the people who fill this lovely little home... and I finally got it done! I gotta say that the orange is just right... perfect shade and the the vineyness really works the way I wanted too, but I will say it is a little varsityish for me... Perhaps a little bird or something will have to perch itself on that letter.

And I did promise Lavender I would show off all her lovely works of art that we put up in her new "gallery" - got some talent, eh...

and finally I just wanted to show off this lovely paper (I promise it's the last time!). I thought the big glorious blooms and insects were just too pretty not to look at them everyday.

Why is paper so very addictive??