Monday, April 20, 2009

Full, but not too full

this weekend some how hit that nice space between being full and too full... somehow we were able to get a lot done and still do so many of the things we had hoped to squeeze in without feeling to pressed. I don't know why that it such a remarkable thing to achieve, but it is.

here are some highlights:

My Josh ran 13 whopping miles!!
We (i.e. Josh) built a lovely raised garden bed
Got inspired by wonderful art
Heard a kickin' country gospel band
Listened to the thunder
Saw an old acquaintance
Got temporary tattoos
Dug up two random plants in our yard
Finally purchased that lovely lovely paper!
watched Autumn discover her shadow for the first time

I know these 'highlights' gotta seem silly to some, but for us they really were joyous little treasures. And for you cats who weren't able to make it out to 4 Bridges this year, you gotta check out these cats:
Chattanooga's own Peter Delong Vaughn... his simple compositions seem to speak volumes with their ample spaciousness and uncluttered easiness on the eyes. (and his work made the 4 Bridges coveted promotion spot too!)
Amanda Blake ( and her warm familial images that seem to throw winks to Van Gogh and Gauguin and maybe a little Basquiat too.

And the Jurors choice in awarding Aaron Hequembourg (I threw in a pic for ya) the best 2D mixed media award really did hit the mark. His portraits carry the echoes of many many lives well lived and impress upon the viewer this sense of a profoundly purposeful time so very unlike the one in which we find ourselves. I could say so much more about his work and about the whole collective of artists that we visited with and work that we took in, but
there are many things to be done and minutes upon minutes slipping away.

I hope your weekend was fruitful... always feels so affirmative to get one of those, eh...