Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lavender uncut volume 2,403

So Lavender's new favorite thing is to lay and I do mean lay all over Chloe (our relatively new dog). Yes, Chloe seems to double as a giant pillow. And Lavender seems to have decided that Chloe is by far the best transportable reading spot. Yep, most days I find them cuddled up together while Lavender is "reading." So funny...

Yesterday we were in the car and this is what Lavender busted out on me...

L: Mom, do you need to be safe?
Me: What?
L: In the car... are you to be safe?
Me: I hope so.
L: Yeah... cause this is a BIG road.
Me: Yes, it is.... and I am being very careful
L: Because of the fast cars, huh
Me: yep
L: yeah, you gotta look out for cheese
Me: Huh?
L: and Poles
Me: sure
L: and houses and cars
Me: a huh
L: and flags too

What tha.....