Sunday, September 24, 2006

Acorn Days

Alas, Alas... here I am again! Sorry for the delay in posts... getting ready for an art fest is sooo much workis!

Anyway, here are some of the cutest pics of this year's Acorn Day festivities complements of Susie-Q (also known as my sweet mom). For those of you who are not in the Chattavegas area... Acorn Day (instituted by me moms) is a day where everyone big and small gets together and takes a little time to ponder what their thankful for and to look for the small little miracles that happen everyday... like the way an tiny little acorn makes it way into a big, beautiful oak tree. We also go on a nature walk, have a little crafty time and listen to a special story. So fun!

These pics will open a little window into the festivities...

First, This beautiful girl is our sweet Lou... who paused for just one moment when I called her name!

Second, is sweet Juden showing off an Acorn of his own. What a treasure!

And last but certainly not least, is Ella...STANDING!!! Way to girl... so proud!!! Too bad you can't hear all the cheering that ensued after such a feat!

I have to say these past few days have made me fall in love with Fall all over again. smile.

More words lata, kids! miss yous guys... smile