Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sweet little shoes

These are the cutest little feet ever, eh!!! Lavender wore these little shoes on our outing today. We went wondering about the city today and enjoyed the absolutely perfect weather. We stopped by the Tanner Hill Gallery, Rembrandts, Blue Skies and AVA... so fun to have an arty day with Lavender and Mimi (aka my mom)!!! If you guys haven't been by Tanner Hill you should definately check it out... I was very pleased with both Terry Turrell and Frank Shelton's works... very layered and symbolic... great colors! And the gallery space is so nice. It's in the Southern Saddlery Building on Broad... amazing how they have transformed that space.

Disclaimer: Lavender chose to stand in the lovely pose above... no forcing or setting up here. Yes, I'm afraid we might have a model on our hands here... or dare I say... diva??? ooooh