Friday, August 08, 2008

sunny sunflowers

i hope you cats got to go be outside at some point today... and if you did you know that it was unbelievably gorgeous!!!

We spent our morning at Crabtree Farms.... just look at these amazing flowers!!! ahhhh....

There is just something about sun flowers, isn't there... they just make me smile. Their boldness and brilliance just seems to shout to the world "look what God has made this earth to do!!" Amazing.... wish I were so bold.

I must say that our little trips to the Farmer's Market and Crabtree Farms have really made an impression on Laughfer (and hopefully Autumn too, even though we stayed till she cried... oops). Lavender has taken to exclaming every time we cut up some veggies, chomp some yummy melon or even sink our teeth into some incredible pumpkin bread that "We got this at the Farmer's Market"... or the latest "We got this from that farmer I laugh to"... (explanation - she had a funny little convo about tomatos with Farmer Mike and it all ended in reasonless giggling)

Nevertheless, every trip seems to be an education... learning where tomatos, pumkins and flowers come from... learning about bees (speaking of which... I have a killer birds and the bees story comin' your way soon enuff) and all sorts of other parts of God's creation. Gotta tell ya, the farm holds quite a key to education and info mation.

oh one last funny thing.... on the way to Crabtree (which is kinda in the Rossville gettooo) Lavender kept saying "We see the men with the umbrellas!!! The men with the umbrellas!!!!" over and over and over again... I had absolutely nooo idea what the heck she was talking about and couldn't seem to get images of men dancing with umbrellas across Rossville Blvd. out of my head. Then we past that giant civil war monument and Laughfer went bizzerk...

so now I know... "men with umbrellas"
equals Civil war monument with men holding rifles!!!

she is so cool