Monday, August 25, 2008

We're off to see the Aquarium

we checked out the ol' Aquarium today (thank you, Mimi!!) and had such a lovely cha chilled out kinda day. If any of you cats have ever hit the Aquarium on a day that when ol' Chatty vegas is over run with tourists or school groups then you will know what a battle such a venture can be.
Today was lovely... drizzly, misty and somehow humid and cool at the same time. If any one out there saw the mountain this morning, I'm sure you fell in love with our little town all over again.... so beautiful!
On the way there I had a funny little car conversation with Lavender. It went like this:
Me: Hey, Laughfer... do you know where we're going?
L: Where?
Me: To the Aquarium!!!
L: ------
Me: Do you remember the Aquarium?
L: Who's there?
Me: FISHES! Lots and lots of fishes.... and turtles, and penguins, and butterflies and big fishes and little tiny fishes, and fishes that swim fast and fishes that swim really really slow!
L: All kinds of that stuff!!
Me: Yep
L: And cows?
Me: Huh?
L: Cows and itty, bitty, little, duckies!
Me: I don't know about the cows.
L: And BIG duckies too!
Me: Yes, big ducks too.
----- We go over through a bumpy constructiony part o town ----
L: It's hard to go...
Me: What?
L: It's hard to go
Me: Go where?
L: To the AQUARIUM, mom!


Anyways... some how we made it to the Aquarium with vertually no one there. We were 6 people out of a total of 20 or so! Very sweet to have such a luxurious stroll through all the exhibits.
And yes, you should thank me that I did not post all the jelly fish pictures I took. I am in love with these glorious suckers.... that is unless I were actually swimming with them. They are really overwhelmingly pretty to watch.