Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my smart little snooka

Fair warning: this is a proud mamma post...
yep, yep... our little Autumn Marie is using her first baby sign!

She has conquered the baby sign for more and is using it like a pro!

I guess I just can't believe she is getting it so early on. and that she caught onto the whole idea so supa dupa quick!

We taught her big sis all sorts of sign language and were very pleased with how much easier it made life with a little non verbal person... I just can't believe how quickly Autumn has picked it up. and for those cats out there that say "i don't really get into that... seems a bit strange".... well, i thought so too until we gave a whirl and had amazing results... fewer tantrums, better understanding and quicker verbal skills... blahblah blah

ya know, I think the pride thing that wells up in you about your kids is kinda funny... it seems a little unreasonable when you really take a moment to think about it. Here we are so happy about something that we really had nothing to do with... and yet that doesn't seem to deminish the sentiment. so weird...
nevertheless, I am so proud of my Autumn Marie... what a smart little snooka you are!