Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic withdrawals

so alas, the sweet sweet 2008 Olympics have come to a close and I guess we must say goodbye. It is not with some quiet reluctance that I push the power button on my remote.
I have enjoyed every little morsel of these games. Every evening I would find myself looking forward to pressing a button and suddenly being present in a world where overwhelming achievements are the norm and incredible feats of strength and stamina are on display at every turn.

I know, I know... it sounds obsessive, right? well, I just might be a little Olympic crazy, but I gotta say... there is no other place where you can absorb not only the collision of a plethora of cultures, but also witness the making of world records and the display of human emotion in such a raw form. I mean, there it is... ultimate joy, satisfaction, despair and disappointment right there on the faces of people who have sacrificed so much for their goals.

Yep, I just love the Olympics...
and I'm sure that tonight when I walk toward my remote at 8 pm I will find a bit o quiet disappointment as I re-realize that there is just no longer a good reason to push that button.

but also...
there is so much good sleep to be had (that I have been missin) and a very happy husband who I'm sure will be ever so pleased not to have to move my drawing boards from in front of the tv or be serenaded with the shouts from the living room.

--- 2012, you got some big beijing shoes to fill --- adios