Tuesday, August 05, 2008

the dark knight

so i got to go see not one, but 2 - yes, 2 movies this past weekender!! woah...

and i gotta say that i have been mulling over what I took in for some time now. i have been reluctant to post about it all, but felt compelled to say something...

See, me and the Joshers watched The Dark Knight.
And let me just say that it is undeniably a great film... good action, awesome new characters, surprising and exhiliarating. however, there are things about this flick that just disturbed me. And it's not that this film was the darkest, most depressing thing ever... not even close... especially when you've been watching David Lynch for a few years! But, I guess maybe it was just that I didn't expect a little ol' Batty man flick to be so dark. There were some scenes that seemed to follow you outta the theatre... and these weren't the thoughts you would want to bring home and sleep on, ya know.

I guess maybe things I watch will always feel different to me now that I am a mom. I feel so brady sayin' that, but I just can't seem to seperate myself from the changes that it has brought me. I don't think I can sit and watch a family cowering under a madman's knife and think "oh well, this will be a great character building device!" - nope! things are different ---

I guess I just need to try to check it at the door, but I don't think that is what the filmmaker wants of the viewer. Perhaps it would be a little easier if people would not bring a 10 year olds to watch such depravity soaked entertainment. It's just a little distracting when you hear tiny little pre-pubescent voices asking "Is that going to explode, Dad?" - argh!

all this to say, if you check out this flick, don't expect big POW! and BANG!s to come across the screen... expect to jump a time or two... and make sure you don't sit near a little kid.