Sunday, January 27, 2008

Emerging from "the Purge"

Yep, yep... the time has finally come... I have completed my studio purge. I know it may seem silly to write so much about throwing out excesses and organizing the leftovers.
But for me, this process is crucial. I always seem to reach this point of immobility where I can no longer move forward till the past projects and "shoulds" are disposed of. I wonder if anyone else has this building and purging addiction...

however meaningless this all seems, it does actually have a real effect in my little world... it has led me to search for the "perfect system" ... a way to put my studio and countless materials together so that I can find them all when I need them. I think this is especially difficult for artists who work with collage... there is just so much neato stuff lying around. Little Laughfer thinks this little cubby of creativity is the funnest place in the whole house... this is her getting upset with me for not letting her touch my squishy Blue Skies garland (thanks again, Cat.... i know it was supposed to be for the girls, but i just couldn't give it up!) for the thousandth time.

Hopefully the new "system" will hold up longer than a week!!! HA