Monday, January 14, 2008

once Bitten...

twice shy??? - no no, not that song!

I am talking about Bitten... Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line at Steve & Barry's.... such lovely stuff and soo incredibly affordable.
For those of you cats who haven't yet checked out the new Steve and Barry's out on Lee Hwy, you gotsta go! I picked up this neato new tee and headband for under 20 bucks.
In fact, they are closing out their winter apparel and everything - i mean everything - in the store is only $8.95... only 8.95... even running shoes and leather jackets... hmmm

i feel like such a consumption queen blathering away... but hey, I never buy much. It seems like every time I end up shopping all i see around me seems so frivolous and too expensive. So, when a good deal comes around I jump at it. Hence, my love for ye Steve and Barry's...

Check it out, kids!