Wednesday, December 13, 2006

3 Year Anniversary time

Each year our anniversary comes so close to Christmas that it makes for a bit of sweet chaos. Here is the evidence of such sweetness!

This first pic is of Josh's anniversary gift to me... you may say these boots look like wicked witch o the west boots, but really they were just the prop at the end of a delightful scavenger hunt.
Josh wrapped up this delightful little riddle in a pretty jewerly box... that led to another note, with another riddle and another spot with a great suprise....Money for a pair of lovely boots (the boots in the pic just symbolized the real gift)... lovely leather boots... of my own choosing... yay... I have to say I have been whining for MONTHS and MONTHS about wanting a pair. It was my hearts desire and now I can go and pick out the perfect pair that fit my toesies and taste just right!

I love how Josh just knows me thru and thru... what I like, what I don't... What is fun to me and what bores me to tears. I love him so. And he suprises me everyday. Thanks to the sweetest man in the world... you are treasured!

And here is a little pic of one of Josher's anniversary presents from me... (his big present is on its way from an artist in Austin... more on that lata).
Anyways... I know this pic just looks like jars, but for months and months I have been memory gathering. I write down little tiny moments when Josh does something kind... or funny... cute... generous ... . . . or ummm... sexy... and then I roll them up and hide them away in these little memory jars, so Josh can read them and remember them too.
I love reveling around in remembering or at least acknowledging so many of these seeming everyday simple acts that when you really look at them, you can see a person's soul.

I wrote a little diddy inspired by my sweet...

I love Josh Kring.
He rings my thing.
It makes me want to sing.
He already gave me some bling.,
so now I call him my king.

Peace out.