Sunday, December 31, 2006

A New Year

It's New Years Eve and Joshers and I have spent it watching this way cool flick. If you cats haven't checked it out yet, you gotta get it! I love a film that celebrates the abnormalities and dysfunction of adolescence and family life.

Watching this flick gently stirred the still pot of my memories. I found myself reliving awkward coming of age moments that have been safely stored away in the archives of Green family history... such as the impressive Green sibling catwalk debut at an Eastgate mall fashion show... or the calculated Green family departure of an overpriced Walt Disney restaurant orchestrated by Artsy after they had already seated us and distributed the hot towels (I can still hear him say "On the count of three everybody!")

I guess we all have those moments - It's funny how these memories get funny after the fact, right?!

Yes, I am apparently blogging into the New Year... it is a new year indeed!
Happy 2007!